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Tartan Gannet
30th Apr 2002, 05:58
Bet that took a Double First in Logic! Yes, no doubt at a very high cost the National Lottery is now to be called LOTTO!

I marvel at the intellect which thought that one up.

Chalk up such gems of wisdom with "Consignia" now to be changed back to Royal Mail, the horrible tail fins on BA Aircraft, covered by Margaret Thatcher's handkerchief, and the ICI Logo which stayed the same but merely changed light on dark to dark on light, (was this the right way? who knows? who CARES!)

Now I have an example from my own experience. I worked for a company in the Food Industry many years back. They developed a product which consisted of fruit pieces and syrup which was to be mixed with chilled milk. The working name was "Caprice", not a bad choice. What did they call it in the end? "FRUIT WHISK!". It was a total failure when launched.

Now have any Jet Blasters examples of such moronic branding, changes of Logo, Trademark, Company Name etc, and if possible the amount of money wasted on such measures?

Jet Dragon
30th Apr 2002, 06:01
How about the rebranding of the humble Marathon chocolate bar in the UK to "Snickers"?

Gee that really made me buy more 'cos now it's called the same as in the good old US of A.

By the way TG - the next instalment of your Lotto saga could well be like here in Oz where we have Lotto , Oz Lotto and Powerball (all national games) plus other State Lottos such as Tats Lotto in VIC.

How long 'til some jerk comes up with Brit Lotto or UK Lotto ?




30th Apr 2002, 06:14
We here in Aus had our Telecommunications company change their name a few years ago from Telecom to Telstra. :confused:

Like i care - Its not like it makes me use the phone more!

Just think about all the expense though - business cards, phone boxes, corporate sponsorship, letter heads, vans, billboards, bill statements, building plaques, carpet in offices, information signs, uniforms (trousers, shirts, ties, tie pins, overalls) etc etc etc.

What a waste of money!!!

30th Apr 2002, 07:13
Call me cynical but I believe a lot of this rebranding nonsense is all due to "consultants" advising companies when said consultants happen to have pals who are in the printing, graphic design and other businesses that will directly profit from the rebranding AND many of those in the businesses involved in making the decision have shares or other personal interest in the consultant companies in question!!

No I can't give examples but in the various places I have worked I have encountered many situations where a new "thing" (be it time management courses, corporate logos etc) has been proposed by someone who is connected with the company providing the new service.

I just wish we lived in a time of true investigative journalism as I am sure a a Cook Report into some of the major rebrandings would turn up such sleaze.

Yes I am off to work at 0712 and no I didn't sleep very well but the world of business is full of sleaze and back-handers!!

Gunner B12
30th Apr 2002, 08:45
I was once told of a company called B.I.F. who were developing an artificial garden stake which had the working title of Bif bamboo. I don't believe it ever made it to the shelves.

:D :D

30th Apr 2002, 09:44
Isn't re-branding what rustlers do? Says it all

SynergY--formerly trading as Gainesy.

30th Apr 2002, 10:15
Yeah, totally agree TG.
mm02 for example is the 'name' that was given to BT's mobile phone division which was spun off a time back.
Dumb or what?

30th Apr 2002, 12:45
I like the (no doubt apocryphcal) story about the launch of the Vauxhall Nova, told to me by an ad industry insider.

The account manager for the ad agency concerned realised that the name of the car would translate into "doesn't work" in Spanish (No va) and that something had to be done.

They called a conference with their client, and advised them to change the name of the model in Spanish-speaking countries. They searched for a suitably dynamic alternative name and came up with "caliente", which translates literally as "hot". All well and good.

The artwork for the new campaign was comissioned, GM Europe made the necessary arrangements to re-badge production earmaked for the Latin market.

Imagine how gratified the account manager felt when the Spanish au-pair saw the proof artwork and quietly pointed out that while "caliente" does, indeed mean "hot" in Spanish, it also has an alternate meaning................"prostitute".:D

30th Apr 2002, 16:15
DERA to QinetiQ
Nobody knows how to pronounce it, everyone still calls it DERA, and it isn't going to make anyone more likely to buy it. And surprisingly the sale is now off. What the hell does it mean anyway?

gas path
30th Apr 2002, 17:02
Jif to er......................! Cif:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: To align with the rest of the world.....Big deal! and they had to justify it with newspaper and T.V. ads.

30th Apr 2002, 17:10
I know its probably folly to actually disagree with this general rant against branding, but here goes. Whilst some of these rebrandings mentioned might be difficult to justify, there are some good reasons for some of them. The previous example, Jif to Cif would render cost savings to the manufacturer in terms of packaging and marketing, and also in terms of global recognition, as would the change from Marathon to Snickers, Oil of Ulay to Oil of Olay etc. etc.. Just because you dont like the change doesn't mean that it doesn't have sound business reasons. ( I still dont like the BA tail thing though.)

30th Apr 2002, 17:33
...whatever you do, don't call it DERA as in DEaRer ... like I did on the first day of my work experience.

Oooopsie:o :)

30th Apr 2002, 17:52
The BA tailfin saga really gripped my wick!

It means that I have to agree with Thatcher!:mad:

God that hurt.

30th Apr 2002, 20:32
I grew up to believe that nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the public.

Then I think of ITV digital and William Hague and I am not so sure.

Tartan Gannet
30th Apr 2002, 21:25
Sure agree there U_R! and what about IDS, talk about NOT learning from your mistakes!

BTW, I will be free from the Chains of the Toil for a few months from 3rd May. After my vac with Gannet Senior how about my taking the train to Marlow and we could have that pint I promised to buy you years ago, (your Magisterial and Political duties allowing of course).:) :) :) RSVP, you've got my e-mail.

30th Apr 2002, 21:29

I think I will wait until I find out what has happened to Velvet. My Mum always told me to be careful.


Tartan Gannet
30th Apr 2002, 21:42
But, I dont think you were taught to be cautious, or am I wrong? Anyway, you're not a pretty red-headed female are you? Also I DID return Velvet unharmed in any way.

Jet Dragon
1st May 2002, 03:15
Mishandled - don't forget that these "sound business decisions" are necessary a result of previous "sound business decisions" to brand the products differently in the first place!!




Ali Barber
1st May 2002, 05:39
How about the new(ish) corporate logo for BAeSystems. When you project a slide on the OHP it looks like you left your coffe cup stains in the corner! BAeS gave a presentation I saw only a few days after the new logo came in and they apologised for it straight away. Bet the consultant who came up with that idea earned a small fortune though.:cool:

Warren Rabbit
1st May 2002, 15:18
The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) branched out into insurance about 20 years ago. Recently it joined forces with the Government Insurance Office (GIO). The spin doctors of these two monoliths went into a huddle to come up with something befitting the new corporate age. We waited with bated breath for the result, no doubt something with a couple of x's and at least one q. After a couple of months the white smoke went up, the spin doctors emerged and held a press conference to announce that the new entity would be called..........



1st May 2002, 15:23
Had a similar situation when I was at FLS Aerospace a few years ago; the Management brought in a suggestion box for anyone to put in ideas for improving the company.....they decided to have a competition to give the scheme a snappy name;

and the winner was.............................

FLS Suggestion Scheme!