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Blind Squirrel
27th May 2013, 20:37
...results in "loud hissing noise"?

Passengers and crew members who were interviewed by Port of Portland Police officers said Herrera made unusual statements before he tried to open the door. However federal officials declined to elaborate on what Herrera allegedly said.

Ryan Oelrich told ABC News he was sleeping on board the flight when he awoke to a "loud hissing noise" and "lots of screaming."

"My first thought was that the plane must be going down, but then I heard someone screaming to stop him, take him down," he said. "I looked behind me and in the exit row was a very large gentleman who was attempting to open the exit row door."

Oelrich said passengers seated near Herrera in Row 17 jumped on him and hold him down until flight attendants could bring restraints.

Alaska Airlines said the emergency door on the 737-800 is equipped with a lock to prevent it from being opened in-flight.

Passenger Made 'Unusual' Statements Before Trying to Open Emergency Exit Door on Alaska Airlines Flight, FBI Says - Yahoo! (http://gma.yahoo.com/passenger-made--unusual--statements-before-trying-to-open-emergency-exit-door-on-alaska-airlines-flight--fbi-says-185125447.html)

27th May 2013, 21:03
He's an amateur compared to this kook. (http://www.theprovince.com/news/jumps+from+moving+plane+Toronto+airport+escapes+injury/8440334/story.html) :p

galaxy flyer
27th May 2013, 22:54
I like the part about not being charged as it "comes under the Mental Health Act". Say what?

27th May 2013, 23:01
It's Toronto. 'nuff said. :D

29th May 2013, 02:29
Hope this is violating some sense of security, but is it true that over wing emergency exit doors have a "lock" to prevent them from being opened in flight?
If so, I would have concerned that whatever unlocks them on the landing roll might not be operational in an accident. Can't be a squat switch since the doors have to be "unlocked" in a gear-up landing or a ditching.

29th May 2013, 02:50
It's pressure...They're "plug doors, windows"...

29th May 2013, 03:38
Authorities said the incident unfolded as the flight, with 137 passengers on board, began its descent into the Portland area.

'At what altitude did this incident occur? That will give us some idea of the delta-P involved.

29th May 2013, 04:49
Wouldn't there also be a lot of deltapeas, simply due to the airspeed of the flying machine?

29th May 2013, 05:12
RobertS, no need for concern it is all well thought out. IIRC from my line days of many moons ago and for the B747-300 the flights locks (door locks) were activated at 80 Kts and deactivated at slightly more or less, so it is speed that activates the locks and not as you rightly say squat switches, sorry can't for the life of me remember were the speed signal comes from but either ASI or ADC.

Dream Land
29th May 2013, 05:52
It's pressure...They're "plug doors, windows"...It locks on takeoff roll as mentioned.

29th May 2013, 07:16
As I recall on the NG, the overwing exits appear to open outward on a top of door hinge making me think these are not plug (pressure) doors? On the older 737 they do require pulling the doors in, turning on side and chucking out, a plug (pressure) type door. Yes?

29th May 2013, 07:54
Confirm DownIn3Green - Not plug type on -800

Spooky 2
29th May 2013, 10:55
The 777 locks on the T.O roll at about 80Kts as well.

29th May 2013, 12:06
On the 737 NG there are 28V DC automatic locks which are activated when the thrust levers are advanced or when the aircraft senses it is in the air.

29th May 2013, 18:33
Normally the overwing exit locks at power application and unlocks at touchdown.

737 Flight Crew Operations Manual

Airplane General, Emergency Equipment, Doors, Windows -Systems Description
Emergency Exit Doors

Four Type III emergency exits are located in the passenger cabin over the wings. These are canopy-type doors and are held in place by mechanical locks and airplane cabin pressure.

The overwing exit doors can be opened from inside or outside of the airplane by a spring–loaded handle at the top of the door.

The 28 Volt DC flight lock system is designed to ensure that the flight lock will automatically lock during takeoff, in-flight, and landing and unlock on the ground to allow for opening of the door in emergency situations.

Commands for the flight lock to lock and unlock are dependent upon engine speed, thrust lever position, air/ground mode status, and the open/closed status of the doors.

737 Flight Crew Operations Manual
Airplane General, Emergency Equipment, Doors, Windows -Systems Description

The overwing emergency exits lock when:
• three of the four Entry/Service doors are closed and
• either engine is running and
• the airplane air/ground logic indicates that the airplane is in the air or both thrust levers are advanced.
The overwing emergency exits unlock when any one of the above conditions is not met or DC power is lost.

The LEFT OVERWING and/or RIGHT OVERWING warning lights, DOORS annunciator, and MASTER CAUTION light illuminate when an emergency exit door is not fully closed and locked or when the flight lock is not engaged, either during the takeoff roll or in-flight.

If a flight lock has failed locked or a fault is detected the PSEU light, the OVERHEAD annunciator, and the MASTER CAUTION lights illuminate.These indications are inhibited from takeoff until 30 seconds after the airplane is in the ground mode. When the doors are latched and locked and the flight lock is operating properly none of these lights will illuminate.

30th May 2013, 01:25
These are canopy-type doors and are held in place by mechanical locks and airplane cabin pressure.

Both pressure and locks.

Either way, that dude wasn't going anywhere except jail.