View Full Version : Skippers Fokker100 Pilots

25th May 2013, 17:40
Skippers through their website stated they were looking for Fokker100 rated pilots.

What is actually happening? A number of experienced Fokker100 pilots with training experience applied yet they have not received any replies.

Some have tried contacting them direct however can not get through to the people concerned.

Does anybody have a phone number of the Chief Pilot, Director Of Flight Operations or the CEO.



Mach E Avelli
25th May 2013, 23:30
If you can't get through to people in an organization it is often because they don't want to be got through to. The HOFO or CP may not be calling the shots here, or not want to. Think about the politics that could be going on.

If they really do want people, and are in a position to hire, they will respond soon enough. Often adverts are put up on the AFAP and similar free (mostly free) websites by principals in companies who are merely 'fishing' to gauge pilot availability (and desperation level) so that they can:
a) decide how much they need to offer
b) decide whether they really would be better promoting from within - and
c) if they choose b), the extent to which they can screw those that they do train.

Another consideration can be - based on the strength of applicants and costs associated with getting pilots operational on type - what they then offer potential clients by way of pilot experience in order to secure future contracts.

Re going over the HOFO or CP direct to the CEO. Not nice.

26th May 2013, 00:28
I've got F100 time and applied to Skippers via their website and their HR department replied the next day to arrange an interview.