View Full Version : Virgin Aust (DJ) Employee Flight Discounts

25th May 2013, 09:38
Hi. I hear DJ has amended it's rules for employee flight discounts. What are the new rules for using partner airline flights. ie Air NZ, Qatar Air and Virgin Atlantic etc

25th May 2013, 13:32
Virgin Australia is no longer DJ, they are VA.

Sump Monkey
25th May 2013, 15:43
Can't comment about that exactly, but after a year or so, NZ staff can finally fly VA domestic in AU, pity they charge $160aud return for SYD- MEL or SYD-BNE. Cheaper to go full fare without the hassle of being bottom of the standby list. Wonder what VA staff pay, they probably fly to NZ on ANZ metal cheaper than ANZ staff!

VBA Engineer
25th May 2013, 22:12
NZD 160 sounds about right, equals about AUD 45.


26th May 2013, 01:44
Had a look at the Myid info last week expecting to see something that resembled an airline staff travel scheme. Instead what i saw was a ZED fare lite model. There was only a few airlines listed. Apart from our codeshare partners there was Lufthansa and Cathay and that was about it.

Although it is a minor improvement on what we had previously iy is still Pretty piss poor so far. Hopefully this is just phase 1 and in the long run it will improve.

I guess the Exco don't staff travel too often so it is probably fairly low on yhe list of priorities.

26th May 2013, 05:36
VBA Engineer more likley NZ160 is worth about AUD$5...

26th May 2013, 07:39
SYD-BNE and SYD-MEL (one way) was about $A26 for group one fares last time I looked.