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28th Apr 2002, 23:23
Music Quiz 16

a. Questions posted today.
b. Original Artist preferred. Cover versions may be accepted, however.
c. Judges decision final.
d. If any doubts, see rule d!
e. For Lyrics – 2 points for title or artist, 5 if you get both. For trivia, 1 point (but
some will allow a bonus point for additional information) For song of the
week, 1 point per question unless advised.
f. No editing posts.

(For everyone’s enjoyment, please don’t post until you have a significant number of answers. Note that the new software only shows the last edit. SO Rule f is now in force.)

Lyrics Questions (Note – clue is first line or lines of the song)

1. “Something is about to give”
2. “You’re always in the fridge”
3. “The sign in the window”
4. “I can tell by the look in your eyes you’ve been hurtin’”
5. “I’m riding in your car”
6. “Never could believe the things you do to me”
7. “Once in your life you find her”
8. I once had a girl”
9. “She comes on like a rose”
10. “Once upon a time there was a tavern”
11. “Down the way where the nights are gay”
12. “Whenever I chance to meet”
13. “Sunday morning up with the lark”
14. “Think of your fellow man”
15. “When I’m with you baby”

Song of the Week - Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

a. What colours were the cellophane flowers?
b. What were the trees made of?
c. What did the Rocking Horse people eat?
d. What was special about the girls eyes?
e. Where was the bridge?
f. What was the sky made of?
g. What were the porters made of?
h. What was special about the Porters ties?
i. What were the taxis made of?


a. What’s the time in the London all night café? Bonus for title and artist
b. About who was Carly Simon singing in Your So Vain?
c. What happened to the Aligator in Johnny Horton’s version of the Battle of New Orleans? Be specific!!!
d. According to Anne, who was talking about the fighting in Lebanon? Bonus for song title.
e. When will Englebert sing you to sleep?
f. Where has Barry been? Again, be specific please. Bonus for title.
g. What sort of bird did Manfred Mann compare a girl to in a song that rose to No 1 in Britain in 1966?
h. Who had notched up 49 British top 20 hits by 1974 without ever getting into the US Top 20?
i. What Aussie band had two albums and four singles on the US charts in 1977?
j. Who did Elton John team up with for the hit Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart?

Have fun gang!!!!!:eek: :eek: :D :p ;)

Jet Dragon
28th Apr 2002, 23:36
5. "Fire" - Pointer Sisters
13. "Beautiful Sunday" - ?

g. Pretty Flamingo
j. Kiki Dee



Kenny Carter
28th Apr 2002, 23:38
Morning scran

5... Fire - Pointer Sisters/Bruce Springsteen
8... Bee Gees?
11... Banana Boat - Harry Belafonte ?????

b... Warren Beatty ( with Mick Jagger on backing vocals)
g... Flamingo
i... LRB
j... Kiki Dee

a nice hard one today scran :D

back with more - hopefully


Jet Dragon
28th Apr 2002, 23:39
Sorry Scran - 1 more

10. Those were the Days - Mary Hopkin


28th Apr 2002, 23:52
easy ones gone (again) and brain fogged in...must be Monday :D

Lots of "I know it but what and who?????"
14...Put a little love in your heart - by.......

c...stuffed its mouth with cannonballs and powdered his behind-subsequently blew its mind when touched off
h...Cliff Richard
i...Air Supply (if not LRB :p )

Kenny Carter
28th Apr 2002, 23:52
jeez , im having a barry

8... Norweign Wood - Beatles
11... Jamaca Farewell by Harry Belafonte

Thats It


Jolly Hockeysticks
29th Apr 2002, 00:25
Good morning

4. Heaven in Your Eyes- Loverboy
13. Beautiful Sunday - Daniel Boone

a. a quarter past eleven
b.. Carly has always refused to say which particular ex boyfriend it was. The candidates are Mick Jagger, Cat Stevens, Warren Beatty, Kris Kristofferson.
j. Kiki Dee

Back later.


29th Apr 2002, 01:38
Evening scran. I'm late again, as usual.:)

3...What About Now/Lonestar
9...Poison Ivy/Hanson
15..Just Can't Get Enough/Depeche Mode

c...We filled his head with cannon balls
And powdered his behind
And when we set the powder off
The 'gator lost his mind... Wa'al we farred etc etc:D

29th Apr 2002, 02:56
Hey SFly,

Yeah, I knew you would love the Song of the Week.

However, the least you could do would be to get them ALL correct!!!!

In other words, you got one wrong!!!!:p :p

Not gonna tell you which one, but one is wrong..........

Jolly Hockeysticks
29th Apr 2002, 04:22
f. Marmalade

Jolly Hockeysticks
29th Apr 2002, 04:30
6. Every 1's A Winner - Hot Chocolate
7. Arthur’s Theme - Christopher Cross
14. Put A Little Love In Your Heart - Annie Lennox


Jolly Hockeysticks
29th Apr 2002, 04:36
d. Bryant Gumbel - A little good news - Anne Murray
e. After the loving


Jolly Hockeysticks
29th Apr 2002, 04:46
Not sure about this but...

2. Love Away the Night - Mary Schneider & Adam Brand


Jolly Hockeysticks
29th Apr 2002, 05:29
12. Kiss An Angel Good Morning - Charley Pride

Apologies for posting this bit by bit, but I keep getting interrupted by work:mad:


Jolly Hockeysticks
29th Apr 2002, 05:54
scran, I think f. is another of your multiple possible answers, but we have to guess the one you first thought of;)

My best shot so far is that he's been to Sugar Hill, Rio de Janeiro.

Rio De Janeiro - Barry White


29th Apr 2002, 23:19

By my reckoning, all we need are:

Lyrics - 2 (It's a Google beater!)

More info on 9, 11 and 14 (full answers not here yet!)

Trivia - f (OK Jolly, I hear you) - A Hint, it's a Barry Manilow song

and a bonus point up for grabs on a (didn't answer the whole question Jolly)

Scores so far:

Jolly - 27 (Music quiz for next week in good hands!)
Pigboat - 18
Jet Dragon - 14
SFly - 12 (Jolly stole Marmalade when you were not looking!)
Cooda - 4
Kenny - 4

29th Apr 2002, 23:35
I suppose it's OK that JH did that, or I'd be at 13 again! :eek:
I really should try harder on these music quizzes.

Jet Dragon
30th Apr 2002, 00:27
f. Rio - de Janeiro ?


Jolly Hockeysticks
30th Apr 2002, 03:06
Sorry I missed the obvious bit on a.
Streets of London - Ralph McTell


Jolly Hockeysticks
30th Apr 2002, 03:56
9. Poison Ivy - The Coasters (1959)
14. Put A Little Love In Your Heart - Cilla Black

Jolly Hockeysticks
30th Apr 2002, 05:39
For f. a couple of possibilities:

New England, to long rocky beaches and by the bay
Weekend In New England - Barry Manilow

Up, down, tryin' to get the feeling again, All around, tryin' to get the feeling again
Tryin' To Get the Feeling Again - Barry Manilow


30th Apr 2002, 05:51

Getting closer. You won't believe the answer. Then again, it might be a miracle if anyone gets it................(some hints there):D

I'll give you 2 points for 9 - Pigboat had the title, but a later group. And a point for the bonus on a in trivia.

With respect to 14, while Cilla is probably a correct answer, was there an earlier version? Maybe the first person to release that song?

And still looking for the artist in 11 I believe....;) :p

Jolly Hockeysticks
30th Apr 2002, 05:55
scran, are you saying 11 is NOT Harry Belafonte. (Kenny said that earlier on)?

30th Apr 2002, 05:59
Did he release the original version? If so, I'll give it to him, but I thought there might have been another (group) version released first.......:confused:

HHHmmmm....OK....might have made an error her.....Kenny, you get another 3 points for Harry on 11..:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :cool: :D

Kenny Carter
30th Apr 2002, 07:03
Thanks scran :D

I need as many as I can get this week - I've had a real barry!!!

Jolly - good pick up

KC :)

Jolly Hockeysticks
30th Apr 2002, 09:20
Fair's fair, old boy, eh what!;)

30th Apr 2002, 12:20
Put A Little Love In Your Heart - original words and music by Jackie DeShannon.

f. "From Boston to Denver and every town in between" - It's a Miracle. (sort of a big hint that!!)

30th Apr 2002, 18:01
And just to mystify Scran. :D

2. "Love Away the Night" - Melinda Schneider and Adam Brand.

Jolly Hockeysticks
30th Apr 2002, 18:47
ORAC - I said that already (at the bottom of page 1) but scranny doesn't seem to accept it. Apart from that I'm a bit stumped at the mo. Agree about f.


30th Apr 2002, 23:31

Sorry Jolly, I didn't see your post at the bottom of page 1 - it is indeed that pair. Sorry, but this week has been ape with briefings etc getting ready to go away.

What I want to know now is how both you and ORAC got it!!!!!!!!!!:D :D

And ORAC picked up on the original Jackie De Shannon for 14

Lets see now - final tally of answers is:



1. Kite – U2 - Pigboat
2. Love the Night Away – Adam Brand and Melinda Schneider - Jolly
3. What About Now – Lonestar - Pigboat
4. Heaven in Your Eyes – Loverboy - Jolly
5. Fire - Pointer Sisters – Jet Dragon
6. Every 1’s a Winner - Hot Chocolate - Jolly
7. Arthur’s Theme - Christopher Cross - Jolly
8. Norwegian Wood – Beatles - SFly
9. Poison Ivy – The Coasters – Pigboat/Jolly
10. Those Were the Days – Mary Hopkin – Jet Dragon
11. Jamacian Farewell – Belefonte – Kenny
12. Kiss an Angel Good Morning – Charlie Pride - Jolly
13. Beautiful Sunday – Daniel Boone – Jet Dragon/Jolly
14. Put A Little Love in Your Heart – Jackie De Shannon – Cooda/ORAC
15. Just Can’t Get Enough - Depeche Mode - Pigboat

Song of the Week –

a. Yellow and green - SFly
b. Tangerene - SFly
c. Marshmellow Pies - SFly
d. Kaliedascope eyes - SFly
e. By a fountain - SFly
f. Marmalade - Jolly
g. Plasticine - SFly
h. Looking glass ties - SFly
i. Newspaper - SFly


a. “In the all night café at a quarter past eleven” – Streets of London – Ralph McTell - Jolly
b. Actor Warren Beatty - Kenny
c. “Well we fired our cannon till the barrel melted down, so we grabbed an Aligator and we fought another round, filled his head with cannon balls, powdered his behind, and when we let the powder off, the gator lost his mind” – Battle of New Orleans – Johnny Horton – Pigboat (Honourable mention Cooda!!)
d. “Bryant Gumbel was talking about the fighting in Lebanon” – A Little Good News Today – Anne Murray. - Jolly
e. “So I sing you to sleep, after the lovin” – After the Lovin – Englebert Humperdinck - Jolly
f. “You wouldn’t believe where I been, the cities and towns I’ve been in, from Boston to Denver, and every town in between” – It’s a Miracle – Barry Manilow - ORAC
g. A Flamingo – Pretty Flamingo – Jet Dragon
h. Cliff Richard - Cooda
i. Little River Band - Kenny
j. Kiki Dee – Jet Dragon

Final scores would be:

Jolly - 34
Pigboat - 18
Jet Dragon - 14
SFly - 12
Kenny - 7
Cooda - 4
ORAC - 4

Thanks again to those who enjoy the quiz's. I'm sure I leave them in very capable hands for the next 3 weeks as Jolly fills in for me.

Thanks again Jolly!!!!

See you all after 24 May!!!:D :D :p :D

1st May 2002, 01:05
Actually I should have 14 pts because I got 5 for my answer on #8, then 8 for the song of the week = 13, plus one for giving the year on #8 = 14!!!!

But judges decision final!:D
Coming back May 24 scran? I will be away from PPRuNing for a month starting May 25th!

What a turn of events!

:eek: :D

1st May 2002, 02:13

Well, strictly speaking, you get 13.

I didn't agree to an extra point for the year with Lyrics 8!!!!!!!!

HOWEVER - to avoid having that score (13) again this week, (and the fact that I'm going away on a good trip starting friday!) I'll allow the bonus point and let you have 14 for your score.

Last opportunity to bid for the following as well -

Arriving London AM 4 May (flight ex Sydney to be confirmed –either BA16 or QF31), London area till AM 9 May then train to Paris, staying till AM 16 May, then BA305/BA223 to Washington DC, and there until PM 21 May when its QF3086 (an American code share)/QF108 home.

Anyone want to catch up for a drink and a chat, e-mail me please.

1st May 2002, 02:21
Thanks scran, you're a very understanding judge. ;)


1st May 2002, 03:01
Have a good trip, scran.:cool:

Jet Dragon
1st May 2002, 03:08
Safe trip Scran - have a great time



1st May 2002, 03:45
bon voyage quizmeister
look forwward to your return