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19th May 2013, 13:37
Non aviation, but I have a burning question. Having just returned from Florida, I witnessed the most bizarre scene at a Walmart checkout and wondered if anyone can help me understand what happened.
Scene: A packed supermarket, long lines, Jayteeto chooses a "less than 20 items" line as he has 5 things to pay for. A family in front of me have a PACKED trolley, overflowing with items. At the checkout they ummmmmm and ahhhhhh, going through the trolley, choosing about 15 items and emptying the trolley onto the floor/nearby surfaces/into other checkout empty baskets. They left food/clothes/a dvd player/sports kit!!! This took over 15 minutes, they paid and departed leaving carnage at the checkout.
I asked the very angry cashier what had just happened and she said that this was normal behaviour by certain members of the community, they chuck a load of stuff in and only buy a little bit, leaving the staff to clear up.

Who does this and WHY?????

19th May 2013, 13:47
Never seen it myself but that is weird and very annoying for the staff
having to put it all back on the shelf.

Buster Hyman
19th May 2013, 13:58
Livin' on da edge n stickin it to da man!!!!

19th May 2013, 14:27
Heard a funny storey about the toilet on one of their corporate lears.
Small Lear, large dump, pilots on oxygen ,came close to an emergency.
Clean up in ailse one :}:}

19th May 2013, 15:09
If you take a few minutes to look around this site (http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/), you will get an idea of their core customer base. :eek:

19th May 2013, 15:36
Walmart? Checkout? Nuff said.

Airborne Aircrew
19th May 2013, 15:39
I think you'll find that these are often sick people who want but can't afford. So they have a bit of fun putting all their "desires" into the basket along with what they intend to purchase and then reality strikes when they reach the checkout.


The clientele is entirely dependent upon the location of the Walmart. I shop in our local Walmart every week and have never seen anyone worthy of an entry on that site but there's one about 8 miles away that probably has several entries there... :ok:

No, I have never appeared there either... http://www.hqrafregiment.net/images/smilies/tongue2.gif

19th May 2013, 16:19
Coincidently I just received an e-mail with photos of these beauties attached, supposed to have been photographed in a Walmart store.....



19th May 2013, 16:35
Perhaps they can't count. I suppose having 6 fingers on each hand is confusing for them.

When I stayed in Houston, the day I arrived I asked the caretaker at the block of flats where the nearest supermarket was. He said : "You got Walmart just a block up the road, but that ain't for folk like you .......... " and gave me the name of another store a bit further away. I was a bit perplexed at the time but when I realised what Walmart was, I realised it was a compliment and he got a good tip!

19th May 2013, 17:53
Only ever been into one Wal Mart and that was in Las Vegas,
I can see what you are all talking about.

The one good thing about Wal Mart was one of the Wal Mart
sons was a true war hero having saved quite a few soldiers
one day.

19th May 2013, 17:54
This happened to me once (but not at Walmart). The cashier politely directed those customers with the cartful to the not "express" line. They abandoned the merchandise and left the store.

19th May 2013, 18:11
It was a "Care in the Community" day out.

19th May 2013, 19:37
I shop at Walmart quite a bit. The clientel varies with the neighborhood. In big city stores you need to be able to speak spanish and carry a bell to attract service from an employee.

Where I live we have the typical geezer greeters at the door and lots of senior citizens running the tills. Truly the old school.

19th May 2013, 19:50
Used a Walgreen a few times; are they the same company?

19th May 2013, 19:54
No, different companies.

I also use the Walgreen on the Las Vegas strip,
a good store IMHO. Fresh food, no crap at the
doorway, no getting hassled as you walk in.

Two's in
19th May 2013, 19:55
Jayteeto, you simply encountered the devastating combination of room temperature IQs and Florida redneckery. Shopping in Walmart on any given day is a triumph of desperation over experience.

19th May 2013, 21:41
When visiting the US I visit the local Walmart as a kind of tourist attraction. It never fails to be interesting.

19th May 2013, 22:08
I have visited various Walmarts during visits to the US and never really found they were that much of a problem.

Service no worse nor better than anywhere else, price generally better.

Its a shop that I go in, get what I need, pay and leave.

No doubt depending on the area you will get different type of people..............doh.

Try shopping in Southport or Toxteth to see the different type of people.

20th May 2013, 00:30
I very seldom shop at Walmart, however I did today. Bought one item, total cost under $10. I handed the checkout person a $20 note. He didn't have $10 cash money to make change and was too bashful to ask the clerk in the next lane to break a larger-value note he had. He checked out the person following me, since the payment was by credit card.

I think it was finally a customer in the other lane who provided the small notes to allow my transaction to be completed. The wait must have been over 5 minutes.

This was in a fairly-upscale Florida beach community. The language was English.

Airborne Aircrew
20th May 2013, 00:45
Jayteeto, you simply encountered the devastating combination of room temperature IQs and Florida redneckery

In fairness, room temperature in Florida is often in the 90's... As a comparison, room temperature here in Detroit can be as high a 55 on a good day...

20th May 2013, 00:58
Perhaps Jayteeto is talking Celsius.

20th May 2013, 01:19
Wal-Mart delivers mass market merchandise at low cost. It is the most efficient retail operation yet to appear on earth.

Wal-Mart can't control who walks through its doors. It has to manage the disruptive, the shoplifters, the poorly brought up.

I go there when I need things like batteries, mop buckets, Twizzlers, and the like. I know I'll find whatever I need, and a bit more at a fair price. I think Wal-Mart does a pretty good job in its business and consider it to be an asset to my quality of life.

Always puzzled me how the leftist elite seems to be hostile to Wal-Mart, seeing how it delivers merchandise at the lowest cost to the hungry masses.

I do, however, feel for those making a living working at Wal-Mart when they find their maximum weekly hours reduced to 29 hours/week next year due to Obamacare.

20th May 2013, 02:10
There's a distinctly Yuppie neighborhood in my city that got wind of a Walmart wanting to put a store in nearby. Petitions, signs, protests, and a couple years later the Walmart decided to locate 'across the tracks' as it were.

I go there all the time. Funny all the Range Rovers and Beemers one sees in the parking lot.

20th May 2013, 03:38
I don't like Walmart in Canada. They are generally messy, no staff to be found, prices are not great, and long lineups.

I do love to go to Walmart in US. The stores are tidy, well stocked, staff is helpful and plentiful, prices are great. The lineups area still long, but worth it.

20th May 2013, 05:00
I don't like Walmart in Canada. They are generally messy, no staff to be found, prices are not great, and long lineups.

Ours seems OK; we don't go there much because the quality of products often seems poor unless you pay the same as you would elsewhere for something better, but if you want cheap generic items or region-free Chinese Blu-Ray players they're fine.

They don't seem to have quite the same low class clientele as some of the American stores either.

james ozzie
20th May 2013, 09:27
To return to the original post: I once experienced this in South Africa where an elderly lady who was I think illiterate and innumerate arrived with a huge trolley of groceries. She watched deadpan as they were all rung up and then produced a bundle of notes from her underwear - she had only a fraction of the total.

A manager appeared with the authority to reverse the sales and what followed was a long session of choosing and scanning various items until she eventually ended up with a selection of groceries that fitted her means. She then strolled off as if nothing had been amiss.

The other customers in the line were furious while the cashier and manager were models of patience. On reflection, I realised that this was this woman's way of coping in a world where the innumerate and illiterate cannot normally participate.

20th May 2013, 12:27
jayteeto wrote:

Who does this and WHY?????

They're called White Trash and they do this because they don't know any better aka, they're ignorant.

Joker's Wild
20th May 2013, 12:43
They're called White Trash and they do this because they don't know any better aka, they're ignorant.

On that basis, Walmart is clearly destined for greatness with their stores in Mainland China. :E

20th May 2013, 13:15
The customers there were generally fairly normal, this scene wasnt a mistake with maths, it seemed a deliberate thing that they did. These stores stock everything from milk to $2000 running machines, not just for the 'trash' as some comment.
It really was bizarre, like they did a pre-shop and didnt give a toss about others in the line.
PS. In the UK, Asda is owned by Walmart, they are NOT the worst supermarket to see low IQs

20th May 2013, 13:52
Asda is owned by Walmart, they are NOT the worst supermarket to see low IQs

AS a matter of interest - I AM interested - which IS the worst UK supermarket to see low IQs, and what region might it be in ? Don't all say Tescos, because certainly in the London ones they seem to be serving fairly normal clients.....

20th May 2013, 14:17
Asda can be bad, Morrisons in some areas may as well be straight out of the bar scene in Star Wars. Lidl and Netto are particularly entertaining to visit, although Aldi has become 'cool' in some areas.

20th May 2013, 15:12
On that basis, Walmart is clearly destined for greatness with their stores in Mainland China

They do very well in China, thank you very much. They have changed the normal Chinese habit of going daily to the market and haggling over the smallest thing. Their choice of foreign, ie Western foods, is good, their vegetables are clean and well selected and, most importantly, their meat products are fresh and in may cases, pre packed.

I bought a new gas hob from them and I left my name and address. Three hours later some gas fitters arrived to install it. It was included in the RMB 150 (15) price.

Ivor Fynn
20th May 2013, 17:16

It cost me $5 to get them to do that, just to pi$$ you off, the video will be on you've been framed next week!!


20th May 2013, 21:01
You know what, it might have been a bloody tv show!
All ok with you?