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18th May 2013, 08:54
What is a TRABB thread?

CG (Special Needs Ppruner)

JB Mods
18th May 2013, 08:55
The Really Really Boring And Totally Pointless Snippets of Information Thread.

Generally known by the nickname "TRABB".

18th May 2013, 08:57

The above is the TRABB thread. Always a good read with some nice people posting there methinks. The most tranquil of all JB threads! :ok:


Milo Minderbinder
18th May 2013, 09:03
shouldn't that be TRRBATPSOIT???

18th May 2013, 09:07
Must admit that as a JB tyro I misread TRABB for TRAPP and imagined that it might be the peculiar lair of a number of trappist monks who (unable to talk to each other) had taken to texting their thoughts.

Soon learned I was wrong.


B Fraser
18th May 2013, 09:07
Somehow, the A-Z of whatever and kids word games seem to be allowed to get on with it.

hey ho !

Milo Minderbinder
18th May 2013, 09:09
when I first saw it I thought it was about German cars.

PS when does Slasher get back from exile?

JB Mods
18th May 2013, 09:11
Three things:

It's not a democracy.

Milo - please read again the phrase 'Generally known by the nickname "TRABB" '.

B Fraser - what has the fact that non-TRABB threads continue to exist to do with the fact that only one TRABB thread will be allowed?

Mr Chips
18th May 2013, 13:28
TRABBesque threads get started
TRABBesque threads get closed
Thread gets started to ask what a TRABB thread is
People wonder why threads get closed?


tony draper
18th May 2013, 13:32
They must not be boring or pointless enough.:rolleyes:

18th May 2013, 13:34
One must TRABB life with both hands but still thread wearily! ;)


B Fraser
18th May 2013, 14:50
Over on the really boring and pointless A-Z of plants thread, a silence has fallen over the arena. The crowds are on the edge of their seats as it is Probes to serve. We have reached the letter "S" and the game could go either way. Will it be Sunflower, could she play a backhand shot with a crafty Sansevieria Trifasciata, only time will tell.


18th May 2013, 14:53
Please, forgive me if I missed it... (I may be a moron), but... so what exactly does TRABB stand for? :confused:

18th May 2013, 14:54
crafty Sansevieria Trifasciata

You are a secret fan of the plants thread! Admit it! ;)


18th May 2013, 14:55
Please, forgive me if I missed it... (I may be a moron), but... so what exactly does TRABB stand for?

Raise your eyes heavenward or to the top of this thread and all will be revealed...


B Fraser
18th May 2013, 15:01
My interest extends as far as the lawn mower, the chainsaw and any other petrol driven gardening toy.... period.

The A-Z of profanity thread, now that was funny.

18th May 2013, 15:07
The A-Z of profanity thread, now that was funny.

Was that pruned too?

I have only once ever looked at the flower thread (my horticultural knowledge being limited by a smattering of Geraniums only).

Still give those two ladies (I am guessing they are ladies) that bestride that verdant court so well their due. They seem to be very knowledgeable.

And thanks to you for your very amusing post that has left me chuckling through my hay fever...


B Fraser
18th May 2013, 15:17
I think we went around the alphabet about 6 times but even that classic thread had a finite shelf life. The protagonists called it a day and went to the bar. Some of the contributions caused spilled tea and new keyboards all round.

18th May 2013, 15:19
Could it by any chance have anything to do with Mr Trabb, the tailor from Great Expectations?