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18th May 2013, 07:10
Friday, 3 May 2013

s318 Fair Work Act Application

Members are advised that AIPA informed Qantas on Thursday, 4 April 2013 that it would support the extension of the s318 Fair Work Act Order to remove any uncertainty about the transferability of Terms and Conditions of Employment when pilots transfer between different Qantas Group entities, including Jetstar.

Qantas in reply informed us that they required two changes to the current Order, namely:

(i) making the order indefinitely (it currently has a 12 month time limitation); and
(ii) the removal of the requirement for a pilot to resign voluntarily for the order to be effective.

We responded that we would consent to (i) removing the time limitation but not to (ii) the voluntary transfer requirement.

So under the previous order I could resign voluntarily, but now Qantas want me to resign involuntarily?? How do you resign involuntary????

21st May 2013, 16:37
So are Qantas management trying to coerce QF employees into accepting lower terms and conditions to transfer to subsidiary entities (such as JQ and QF-Link) under the threat that they will otherwise be made redundant?

I certainly hope AIPA sees this ploy for what it is- a threat to all QF mainline pilots' careers. For AIPA to give in to this provision will open the floodgates for the Qantas HR consultants to enact their desired endgame- the forced transfer of QF employees onto substandard terms and conditions under the ever looming threat of forced redundancy.

I hope the AIPA COM sees this ploy for what it is and stays the course with their current rejection of the second of the Qantas proposals.

Mstr Caution
25th May 2013, 06:08
The problem for the "Qantas Group" is they expected the 'take up' then 'retention rate' of those pilots transferring to JQ would be higher.

What the powers at Qantas failed to plan for as they farmed out flying to other group entities was their mainline pilots taking leave of absence to other carriers like Emirates & Tiger and not to their planned target, Jetstar.

Mainline pilots have adopted the position, you created the problem so you fix it.

Now QF has resorted to the next step being the current application.

Reading the MOU, there are already provisions in it. That if a pilot is going to be made redundant in mainline & Jetstar are recruiting the pilot will transfer to JQ under the MOU. However the pilot may return to mainline after the fixed period, but the company really wants them to stay there.

Mstr Caution
25th May 2013, 06:11
Furthermore, I am aware that a few LOA pilots at JQ signalled their intention to return to mainline at the end of their fixed period.

Team Jetstar were surprised that they are not staying & team Qantas is carrying a surplus & really doesn't want them back.


25th May 2013, 06:54
Team Jetstar were surprised that they are not staying & team Qantas is carrying a surplus & really doesn't want them back.

I reckon that is part of what QF want. IE they don't want to force people to resign after the 3 years to stay at JQ.

26th May 2013, 10:45
Some friends of mine were talking about asking for more time whilst on LWOP.. What are their chances?

QF wont want them back till they are needed, JQ wont want to lose them...

What is the vibe amongst LWOP pilots at JQ? How many are planning their return?

Iron Bar
26th May 2013, 21:34
Qf and Jq management have only just realised the MOU pilots will start to return
from Feb next year. The pilots, almost without exception are planning on not resigning and returning to Qf.

The reality is, Qf don't want them back (yet) and JQ don't want to lose them and re-train. (Some are also training cpts). There is nothing to prevent an agreement outside the MOU for an extension of the pilots LWOP to Jq that also keeps their right of return to Qf intact. Will make for some interesting reading on PPRUNE . . . .

I wonder if the S318 application is a response to this impending issue?

27th May 2013, 00:26
What about people who have no interest in staying at Jetstar for whatever reason and would rather be a SO/FO in QF. The MOU ends and they want out.

The company offers them some other bridging deal, they say no, I want my old job back, what then?

Iron Bar
27th May 2013, 04:34
Then barring any sneaky manoeuvre by Qantas they return to a rank and fleet their seniority will get them and go from there (could well be 330 SO if no other positions available), as I think the vast majority will do if it comes to that.

I imagine for most the 3 year LWOP and associated command time (MOU FO's aside) is like insurance. If QF really goes tits up you have more scope to go elsewhere.

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