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16th May 2013, 20:40
One is currently watching a sympathetic documentary about hoarders on the Beeb. One of the characters is Geoff, an 80year old who has collected an amazing assortment of electrical items amongst his treasures and like to spend his day in a boiler suit, perhaps an ex-engineer of some kind. It really is quite sad and frustrating how such people refuse to let go of anything and end up 'smothering' themselves and their home with this mental affliction.

Are there any hoarders amongst the ppruners ? :8


16th May 2013, 20:57
I hoard every post on this forum.

16th May 2013, 21:01
You're not the BND are you ? :suspect:


16th May 2013, 21:02
Just read a news story about a woman who whored her way round Europe.

16th May 2013, 21:48
I have a new 'green' neighbour who collects junk and displays it on his veg patch.

He has a washing machine drum which he says will be an incinerator. He's had one bonfire in six months.

Various coils of old wire fencing lying around. He's bought new to enclose the plot.

A pick-up truck top which is used to keep the rain off dumpy bags full of manure.

The veg patch itself is far too small for the hours of work that go into it and shows very little change for all that work, either. It's bordered and partly covered in broken building blocks from a nearby development.

Steptoe would be embarrassed by the mess. I'm all for a bit of recycling and ingenuity but why use a perfectly good aluminium truck top in that way? Surely it's got some value as scrap or for it's intended function.

And where does he site his version of shangri-la? In front of his own windows? No - it's in full view of my nearest neighbours and they're the neatest gardeners I know. They have already planted their fast growing hedge. We have begun to build up the banks that form our boundary...