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16th May 2013, 18:20
"Mayday"/"Air Crash Investigation" - National Geographic's world-renowned television documentary program about aviation accidents and incidents - is looking for a retired A380 captain to discuss flying the A380.

Please contact me if interested.

Robyn Murphy
Associate Producer
Mayday/Air Crash Investigation
email: [email protected]

17th May 2013, 00:22
Why do they need to be retired?

17th May 2013, 00:54
Probably no such person exists yet

Chocks Away
17th May 2013, 01:10
They do exist, Unseen... (play on words there) :}
I know one.
Try SQ, EK or QF as they've been operating them since 2007/8.

my oleo is extended
17th May 2013, 01:37
Rmurphy, Not sure of any retired A380 drivers, even more unsure why you want an A380 person specifically, however if you track down and ask nicely Mr Alan Stray, ex ATSB may assist you!! You couldn't ask for a better investigator or gentleman :ok:
Best of luck.

17th May 2013, 01:42
Plenty of QF A380 capts have retired. One went just this week.

17th May 2013, 06:14
Robyn Murphy
Associate Producer
Mayday/Air Crash Investigation

Out of interest, have you ever had any input from retired safety investigator MacArthur Job to your program?
His books Air Disaster vol 1, 2 and 3 are fascinating, as is your program.


17th May 2013, 06:31
One more thing I see you are going to do a program on the Erebus distaster.
You will have seen the book by Gordon Vette about this.
An idea for a future program would be about Capt Vette and his crew of an Air New Zealand DC-10 saving a Cessna lost over the Pacific, using astounding ingenuity to locate the lost Cessna (great use of lateral thinking and knowledge of navigation techniques in the pre GPS age).


17th May 2013, 08:45
You might also be interested in Pel Air the investigation and subsequent senate inquiry. Do to report back end of this month.


Senate Committees ? Parliament of Australia (http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate_Committees?url=rrat_ctte/pel_air_2012/index.htm)

17th May 2013, 12:14
Given the outcome, I would've thought Qantas would probably let R de C appear (or at least advise) on something like ACI?

Possibly with a certain amount of veto rights.

They let him go on 4 Corners.

Agree the previous comments re Gordon Vette and Macarthur Job.

17th May 2013, 14:11
^^^ $$$$$$$


19th May 2013, 02:14
Probably no such person exists yet

I personally know 2 and there was one that retired last week too.

Old 'Un
22nd May 2013, 08:57
rjtjrt, the Vette story re the lost lightie was done in:

Movie - Mercy Mission, the Rescue of Flight 771 [edit]

The incident was dramatised in the American 1993 made-for-TV movie Mercy Mission - the Rescue of Flight 771. It starred Scott Bakula as Jay and Robert Loggia as Gordon Vette.

That info courtesy Wikipedia. The reference then goes on to list a string of changes/inaccuracies in the story as it was presented in the movie.

I watched it on tv a few years back and found it a good watch, despite the "changes".

Sorry for thread drift, just wanted to impart the above info. Knowledge is power.

Back on subject...

Le Vieux

tail wheel
23rd May 2013, 00:55
One of the problems of threads of this nature is that the user making the first post - in this case a new user's first and only post - posts once, expects people to respond to an email address and never returns to PPRuNe.

From the user's profile: Joined 16 May, posted 17 May, last visit briefly on 18 May. I doubt he/she will be back.

Your comments are falling on deaf ears.

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