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Anthony Supplebottom
15th May 2013, 11:36
Ryanair flight went to wrong airport - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/travelnews/10058837/Ryanair-flight-went-to-wrong-airport.html)

A Ryanair flight to Kefalonia was diverted to an airport 200 miles away because the pilot said it was “too dark to land”.

Passengers on board the flight from London Stansted were left angry after the aircraft landed in Thessaloniki, on the Greek mainland, rather than the popular Ionian island that famously featured in the novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

One passenger, the Sunday Times journalist Kate Mansey, tweeted: “On a @ryanair flight that has just landed in the WRONG Greek island. Excuse? "Too dark" to land in correct airport. Furious passengers.”

Remember that in the 21st century your job is now on trial by You Tube and Twitter! :yuk:

15th May 2013, 11:47
Obviously the pilot's fault then. Passengers definitely know best when it comes to safety/restrictions. What a joke!

15th May 2013, 11:51
Sunday Times journalist Kate Mansey didn't even get that right ......... "just landed in the WRONG Greek island."

Thessaloniki wasn't an island last time I went there.

Torque Tonight
15th May 2013, 12:22
Dear, oh dear. Is this idiotic story worthy of comment? Aircraft diverts for valid operational reason. Layman SLF goes to Tw1tter with smart-arse remarks. Journo constructs 'story' with no facts beyond social media drivel. Waste of ink and electrons, and proof if needed that any decision you make will always be wrong to some people.

Remember that in the 21st century your job is now on trial by You Tube and PPRuNe!

A reminder to make the correct decision not the popular one, and to hell with the back seat commanders who think they know better from row 30.

Ancient Mariner
15th May 2013, 12:32
A spokesman for Ryanair said “runway approach restrictions” were to blame for the problems.
"Ryanair flight FR6611 on May 13 diverted to Thessaloniki due to runway restrictions which prevail over Ryanair night time flights into Kefalonia.
"The aircraft landed normally at Thessaloniki and repositioned to Kefalonia (two hours later) once this restriction was cleared.
"Ryanair sincerely apologises to passengers affected by this two-hour delay. "

Was this an early morning flight and they had to wait for the Sun to come out?

15th May 2013, 13:21
Its common for many of the Greek islands to not accept arrivals before sunrise, this was also the case at Samos. It's quite a sensible restriction, a lot of the islands airports sit around high ground, have limited handling facilities and no radar!
Just a misunderstanding by the papers and the passengers here I think, rather like the flybe pilot a few years back who said he wasn't qualified to land the aircraft in CAT 2 conditions!

15th May 2013, 13:33
Happened in the evening, at dusk.

Agaricus bisporus indeed. I challenged this journalist on Twitter (a journalist myself, I hate sloppy reporting on aviation) and never got a satisfactory response. You can see more here:
Ryanair passengers diverted to airport 200 miles away after pilot tells them it's too dark to land on Greek holiday island | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2324831/Ryanair-passengers-diverted-airport-200-miles-away-pilot-tells-dark-land-Greek-holiday-island.html?ico=home%5Eheadlines)

You'd think the fact that she landed at the destination two hours later *in the dark* would make her realize that her original assertion couldn't possibly be true.

The Ryanair statement doesn't clear things up, either. What happened? Inoperative lighting or approach equipment at the airfield? Noise restrictions?

15th May 2013, 13:38
Let me get this right: a two hour delay and someone gets their piss in a bubble?

Happens frequently to my business chums during routine air travel. Two hour delay ... not that uncommon an occurrence.

I don't get the outrage.


15th May 2013, 14:41
Happened in the evening, at dusk. I think you need to embellish that bit as it does not fit with the story so far?

Anyone know the true story? Did they mess up the arrival time? Was the a/field lighting u/s?

15th May 2013, 16:49
Maybe they were afraid they'd hit the school, on the flight path. Or is that "narrowly miss"?

15th May 2013, 19:37
Thessaloniki wasn't an island last time I went there.
:p - but with all those glaciers melting (which isn't funny actually, but given the context..) one never knows, you know.

16th May 2013, 12:55
Kind of reminds me of a flight I was on returning at night to Edinburgh airport. Not darkness causing the problem, but due to snow falling on the runway as we made our approach the pilot diverted to Prestwick a short flight away. As the plane shutdown at Prestwick there was much disgust amongst the passengers, especially as we we about to be transported by bus in a snowstorm on about a two hour drive back to Edinburgh.But no, before we disembarked, the captain came back on saying Edinburgh runway was cleared and he was going to fly us back.Great news thought I, but the pax in front of me went crazy saying this was ridiculous and we should go by bus. I couldn't resist and asked them if they would prefer two or more hours in a bus on snowy roads with associated truck jacknives blocking roads etc or a 15min flight in a fast F*nkin Jet !.


16th May 2013, 13:55
Had a similar experience at EDI, RINKER. After a couple of go-arounds (BA flight ahead with burst tyre, then emergency vehicles not back on stance after BA cleared), we headed off to Glasgow. Refuelled then back to EDI instead of the bus we expected. And yes, some idiots were complaining about being "messed around".

Best of it was that I was sitting with my (then) boss who was a very nervous flyer. Somewhere there's a 737 which probably still has his fingertip indentations in the armrests!

PPRuNe Towers
16th May 2013, 14:26
Ummmm, ancient memories of Greek Island ops but could it have been the curfew for the loggerhead turtle egg laying season kicking off a bit early??

OK, I'll get me coat.


Victor Inox
16th May 2013, 16:16
just landed in the WRONG Greek island

Even journos do not know their grammar nowadays. :mad: You land on an island or at an island, but most certainly not IN an island.

16th May 2013, 16:27
From memory, EFL is HO only.. No approach lights either. As I posted earlier, ajamieson's "Happened in the evening, at dusk." doesn't quite fit since they supposedly re-positioned - 'took off 2 hours later" according to the Torygraph. Also if they arrived 2 hours or so before dawn that smacks of a cock-up (please don't sue me.......). I believe the STN flight is actually scheduled to arrive at dusk.

More info needed?

PPT - I believe the turtles don't start 'doing it' until June.

16th May 2013, 21:52
I know this is gratuitous but so what!

Santana - Put Your Lights On [TheWraith] - YouTube


Loose rivets
17th May 2013, 04:14
Even journos do not know their grammar nowadays.:mad: You land on an island or at an island, but most certainly not IN an island.

What if the island is hollow! :p

Rwy in Sight
17th May 2013, 07:27
I would like to hear your stories about the Greek islands especially Heraklio I visited yesterday, but may I point out you are referring to the wrong island when you talk about turtles, the island is LGZA (ZAKYNTHOS).

Rwy in Sight

17th May 2013, 07:43
RIS - spend a little time reading about Kefalonia?

17th May 2013, 08:10
Just to get this thread drift sorted out. As an environmental consultant working in Greece, I can advise that there are turtles all over the place here. It is just that conservation groups are working in specific areas with the largest concentration. Thus places like Zakynthos are more famous for their presence. Indeed turtles are around the coast of Kos.

To get back to the thread: Given the location of said airfield I think that it is more likely that he was being buzzed by a Turkish fighter but he didn't want to upset the SLF with the this fact :cool:

RiS I am surprised at you. About time you got yourself over here to buy me another beer.

Rwy in Sight
17th May 2013, 11:20
BOAC, you puzzled me! Is is a suggestion or a statement?
Exascot, who knows me, is spot on it seems. While reading the thread, I was talking with a young blond lady and she told me turtles are in the south Crete as well so Exascot spot on. However your geography is a bit off. The Turkish airforce has not reached Kefallonia, just yet!

Not a chance to step foot on a vessel in Greece but we can still have our regular beers in the seaside bar in Athens if you drop there in the comming months.

Rwy in Sight

17th May 2013, 12:17
RiS I was referring to the island which is the subject of the thread. Please try to keep up. If you are not prepared to get on a ship please send the blonde here!

May see you in September.