View Full Version : "Happy End" photos of plane crashes

15th May 2013, 00:44
Pictures of abandoned aircraft crashes where all survived.

indiegogo trailer for 'happy end' photo-book - YouTube

'Happy End' - a Photo-Book about Miracles in Aviation History | Indiegogo (http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/happy-end-a-photo-book-about-miracles-in-aviation-history)


15th May 2013, 02:25
A like it :ok: and think it's a great project. I'd love to know the stories behind each plane and how it got to where it is now.

15th May 2013, 03:26
I just ordered a copy of the book and a print. The book contains all the back story behind the wrecks as well as locations.

Can't wait to get it, the art looks fantastic.

15th May 2013, 10:24
Theres a dead Cessna up on the mountain behind my house, never climbed up that far. Been there for years, so I was told.