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14th May 2013, 12:44
Republic of Congo, 18
Ecuador, 17.7
Ghana, 17.2
Colombia 17
Iceland 16.5
Italy 15.7
South Africa 15.2
Sweden 14.9
Greece 14.7
Germany 14.4
New Zealand 13.9
UK 13.9
Canada 13.9
Spain 13.9
France 13.4
Australia 13.2
Russia 13.2
USA 12.9
Ireland 12.7
Romania 12.7
China 10.9
India 10
Thailand 10
South Korea 9.6
North Korea 9.6

14th May 2013, 12:49
.. a load of cock

14th May 2013, 12:50
[congolese accent]A few of the average penis sizes by country in centimetres.[/congolese accent]

14th May 2013, 12:51
You really want to turn this thread into a 'who's got the biggest willy' contest, don't you!

14th May 2013, 13:05
If those are average penis sizes in inches then I am feeling somewhat inadequate I can tell you! :eek:


14th May 2013, 13:37
It certainly explains Yung Fat Wun's attitude to the World!

14th May 2013, 13:45
This is such an important topic that I thought it best to provide a detailed map showing the statistics by geographical area...

World map of The Penis Size Worldwide (country) by Country - TargetMap (http://www.targetmap.com/viewer.aspx?reportId=3073)


The sizes are in cm (phew)...;)

14th May 2013, 14:24
Caco, that's a very interesting map.
Canada's average seems to match that of Europe, but...
Allowing for the 30% of the USA population of African origin and hispanic origin (larger than average), and the 5% of Asian extraction (smaller), it would seem that the majority of ex-Europeans making up the US population have significantly lower average size than the current European average. Perhaps they emigrated because everyone back home laughed at the size of their willies?
It might explain why they drive the world's biggest cars.

14th May 2013, 14:26
Well, assuming the potholes are in similar proportion, at least you know where your shocks will bottom out, and where they won't work a full stroke.

14th May 2013, 14:56
It might explain why they drive the world's biggest cars.

And that isn't even canvassing the subject of the size of some pilot's watches! :ok:


14th May 2013, 15:30
....According to Caco's map the Congo can boast it has the
biggest slugs on the planet. That certainly humbles my willy. :\

G&T ice n slice
14th May 2013, 16:28
Must have been a slightly strange experience for the pollsters, wandering up to random males & asking the question.... "excuse me sir, I'm conducting a survey..."

I have suspicions about the veracity of the answers though....

15th May 2013, 13:39
I'm quite surprised they don't measure them when erect.

G&T ice n slice
15th May 2013, 15:43
gawd I hope no-one in the gummint sees this info, because next thing you know it'll be taxable

(or if it's a Labour gummint anyone with below 40% of the median will get a "disability allowance" and all other will be charged tax on a sliding scale.)