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13th May 2013, 12:31
I can't see that this has been previously posted but I think it's worth an airing - have been following Col Chris Hadfield in the ISS via his social media for the last few months.

Wishing him a safe reentry back home later today:-

Space Oddity

El Grifo
13th May 2013, 15:10
Brilliant :D :D :D

13th May 2013, 15:17
Superb :D:D:D

13th May 2013, 15:33
A stunning video; it sent a shiver down my spine. :ok:

air pig
13th May 2013, 15:45
Fantastic video. There is a video of the late Ron McNair playing a saxophone in a flight before dying in the Challenger disaster. Sorry can't download it, but Jean Michael Jarre did show it at his Houston concert some years ago.

13th May 2013, 23:51
How awesome is that. A great rendition of the song and in the best setting. :ok::ok::ok:

Airborne Aircrew
14th May 2013, 00:10
He has to have wanted to do that all his life...

Absolutely brilliant!!!! :D:D:D:D:D