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13th May 2013, 03:42
Had to cry off playing in a golf foursomes comp tomorrow as my right knee is giving me a bit of Gyp. Told the friend I was partnering that an old war wound was playing up.

My right knee has never been the best since I fell off the wing of a Vulcan at Finningley Winter '64/65 and it took my full weight when I hit the concrete of the ORP's. We were de-icing at night during a "Mickey" or "Mickey Finn". Spent a few hours in the sick bay, and then it was strapped up and put on light duties for a week.

Given that we did take the Cold War pretty seriously back then, is it legitimate to claim my knee problems as a war wound, or is that the actions of a Walt? :D

13th May 2013, 03:48
Nah. Just a plain old-fashioned hypochondriac :E

13th May 2013, 04:11
What was the question, Walt?:8:p

13th May 2013, 04:15
:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p


Solid Rust Twotter
13th May 2013, 04:59
One is told it's acceptable to big it up a bit if there's hanky-panky in the offing. The Waltfinder General is prepared to overlook certain details in the pursuit of legovers.

Golf, not so much....:}

13th May 2013, 06:21
I used to say that I got my injury back in 45.

Her husband was coming out of 46

13th May 2013, 13:44
Reminds me of the U.S. Army cook in 'Nam who went to see his troop medic after a eggshell broke without warning as he was handling it during cooking, and he ended up with a piece of eggshell in his eye.
The medic removed the offending piece of eggshell from his eye and assured him, all was O.K., no damage to report.

A little while later, the cook was amazed to receive a recommendation for a Purple Heart!
He read through the info that came with the recommendation, and sighted the medics report - "Removed piece of shell from eye". :D

13th May 2013, 18:12
I occasionally suffer from a Professional Football injury.

I was watching the game on the tellie on afternoon, reached across the table to grab the remote and pulled my shoulder.

13th May 2013, 19:46
is it legitimate to claim my knee problems as a war wound, or is that the actions of a Walt?

Only if it happened in combat or a whorehouse. :p

Lon More
13th May 2013, 20:36
If you're from Newcastle no one would ever know
"Are you in pain?"
"Aye lass, it's war wound."

13th May 2013, 21:52
Well if you're going to claim that. I think I'll claim for my broken thumb which I suffered directly outside RAF Mona when I fell off my motorcycle. I was a serving member of the Irish defence forces at the time and the troubles were on going so arguably I was injured by the British military.

To reinforce that I like show the subsequent scar on my thumb which is a result of surgery I received during the Falklands War. Ok I was nowhere near the Falklands but the war was going on at the time.

Then there's my appendectomy scar which is quite lurid and happened immediately after a weekend exercise with the army reserve which again was during the troubles.

I think I should get several medals for all that!

13th May 2013, 22:10
Soon after I started school in 1949 I told my Mother that the boys were always talking about War.
Mother asked if the subject was the First World War or the Second World War?

I replied, "Neither, it's wor hoose and wor hjem . . . "

14th May 2013, 00:49
I think I should get several medals for all that!

Quite right. I suppose I'm too late to claim damages from de Havilland for that impacted wisdom tooth that was extracted by the RN? Or maybe the Purple Denture?

14th May 2013, 05:23
I can only presume that none of the w**kers contributing sarcastic remarks had any involvement in the cold war. For both the "V" force aircrews and the lineys who kept the aircraft ready at the time it was very very real.

Whilst my original post was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, we had none of the elf and sefty kit now available. Safety equipment comprised a length of rope tied around the waist and tethered to a gantry. Then you got to walk on the iced up wings whilst spraying a hot glycol mix. So falling off the wing of a Vulcan and taking one's full weight on a knee when you hit the concrete of the ORP's, a drop of some four or five metres was slightly more than a pulled finger nail.

We were de-icing at night during a "Mickey" or "Mickey Finn", and were never told whether it was an exercise or for real. The general assumption each time was that it was for real. In hindsight it's so eay to say that the Soviets never actually nuked Western Europe, but like any prophylactic measure, if we hadn't been ready, would they have done so. For those who were involved it was a "combat" situation, no less than the guys who kept the Spitfires, Hurricanes and Lancasters flying during WWII.

14th May 2013, 06:43
Oh calm down yer daft old bugger!

As the first of the sarky comments my credentials are thus:

Finningley 65-67
Finningley 68-69
Scampton 69-74

as well as total service 63-93 - a fair percentage of the cold war. Anyway, I never heard the tale of an erk falling off the wing of a Vulcan when I was at Finningley so you must be a walt :E

14th May 2013, 06:53
Anyway, I never heard the tale of an erk falling off the wing of a Vulcan when I was at Finningley so you must be a walt :E

So you knew everybody and everything. 230 OCU B Sqn, Air Radio Fitter. "B" Sqn had the B2's. Mickey or Mickey Finn December 1964/January 1965. ORP's night shift - 12 hours on 12 off, think it ran from 6.00pm to 6.00am. So where were you in the Caterng Corps or did you run the NAAFI? :E

14th May 2013, 07:03
BCDU and ECMSDF matey - but didn't get to Finningley until Apr 65.

Security was a three strand wire fence with every gate and roadway open :eek:

Solid Rust Twotter
14th May 2013, 07:35
Well, to be fair, you did join the military equivalent of the Tufty Club. Your rage and self loathing is understandable...:E

14th May 2013, 08:31
Question for Walt (or anyone) - what is a Mickey or Mickey Finn. Giggle hasn't enlightened me.

14th May 2013, 08:37
Try googling for "exercise mickey finn"

14th May 2013, 08:44
Thanks Ricardian:ok: I still think Walt is a Walt:p

14th May 2013, 08:57

well its finally happened to me after reading about the condition for many years on Pprune.

Yes, I succumbed to snorting my tea all over the keyboard!

Many thanks:ok: