View Full Version : account removed

28th Apr 2002, 10:37
Clipper 103 is showing as [account removed] in all of his posts. He still however has a profile. What does this mean? What do you have to do to be removed?

28th Apr 2002, 10:57
At a guess maybe naming yourself after the callsign of a flight that was blown-up over Lockerbie?

29th Apr 2002, 10:00
It means that he has been banned by a moderator, as opposed to one of the admin gurus. The [account removed] message overlying the posts can be removed after the admin guys have a look at it. Sort of a "temporary" ban. :)

Don't fool with a moderator! :D

29th Apr 2002, 15:10
Clipper 106 was someone who was banned previously for pretending to be something he wasn't..... ;)