View Full Version : A330 Brisbane-Perth

12th May 2013, 00:13
Does anyone know when VA start the A330 service from Brisbane to Perth?
News stories have it as from May 15th but the VA Flight booking system does not reflect that.

12th May 2013, 00:52
Yes they do, VA464/474 both say A332

12th May 2013, 03:08
Thanks for the info ASY68.
I can see the flights to Perth are on the A330 from the dates mentioned so that's fine but from what I can ascertain VA does not have a direct A330 from Perth-Brisbane on Saturdays and that's the day I want to travel back to Brisbane.
I will have to go via Sydney to enjoy the A330 service.
It's worth the effort as it's vastly better than the B737.

Angle of Attack
12th May 2013, 07:51
The A330 is indeed more comfortable but personally I'd take the direct flight rather than the risk through Sydney, just that Sydney seems to snooker me quite often when I travel through it..... Maybe I have been unlucky....:sad: