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28th Apr 2002, 09:51

So few left....

I own -
Messenger G-AKBO - Kings Cup Winner 1954
Falcon Major G-AEEG - Kings Cup Winner 1979
Magister G-AKPF/V1075

All 3 are airworthy in The Shuttleworth Collection.

I am keen to acquire copies of any old photos of my aircraft. In return I have many fascinating photos in my posession, especially on the Falcon. I haver some prewar pictures of it in Sweden as well as some wartime photos of it in Swedish Airforce livery.

Whist on the subject - Isn't it a shame that there are a few potentially airworthy Miles aircraft around, yet the owners won't sell and won't do anything to stop the rot either.

Dr Ian Dalziel owns a Miles Monarch rotting away at White Waltham - try tracking him down...forget it! A worthy addition to my airworthy collection for the public to enjoy. We are but the temporary custodians of our aviation heritage. I take my responsibilities very seriously indeed. A pity others don't.

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