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28th Apr 2002, 09:10

Would really appreciate an update on the following whereabouts, condition
and serviceability of the following Caravelles.

C/n 's

169 9Q-CPI
210 SE-DAI
211 10506
232 10507
240 3D-CNA
250 HK-3837X
251 3D-SEP
255 HK-3948X
257 HK-3805X
259 HK-3756X
262 HK-3806X

Many many thanks in advance.



29th Apr 2002, 12:41
Try this.....................


It's got Caravelles and everything else on it, and seems to be well up to date. Have fun!

30th Apr 2002, 07:12
Caravelle updates for you

169 9Q-CPI - Waltair of Kinshasa, Zaire
210 SE-DAI - Preserved Stockholm
211 10506 - Mexican A/F - Mexico City
232 10507 - Mexican A/F - Mexico City
240 3D-CNA - Gabon Express - now 9Q-CNA of Waltair
250 HK3837X - Bogota - Lineas Sur Americanas
251 3D-SEP - Gabon Express, Libreville
255 HK3948X IANC Columbia - Bogota
257 HK3805X Aero Sucre, Barranquilla
259 HK3756X Lineas Sur Americanas Bogota (used nose of c/n63)
262 HK3806X Aero Sucre, Baranquilla

hope this helps

Lu Zuckerman
2nd May 2002, 16:50
Here is a little known tidbit about the Caravelle flying while uncertified during commercial operations. Back in the eighties and quite possibly right now the Caravelle was not fully certified for commercial operations. It seems that most of the heavy maintenance and overhaul of equipment was performed by (I believe) Finair or some Scandinavian firm. Some of the equipments they overhauled were for the secondary flight controls. An English firm manufactured many of these devices. The overhaul entity refused to transmit service histories on these flight control elements to the English firm and they in turn refused to certify the overhaul of the devices. This went on for several years and for all I know it is still going on


Airways Ed
12th May 2002, 18:17
Sacre bleu!

Good story, but untrue.

Lu Zuckerman
12th May 2002, 23:01
To: Airways Ed

Check with Lucas Aerospace at Ford Houses in Wolverhampton, England.