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Nervous SLF
10th May 2013, 08:23
One has been told that the NZ Govt. Dept concerned with pensions will sort out what is required and do it for me.
After a chat yesterday when handing in my forms for the NZ one I suspect that a long saga will result with one
having to do everything myself.:{

Anyway has anyone who has been in this position ( combined NZ and UK pension ) got any tips/helpful advice for me please???
I was born in the UK and worked for the same company for 27 years before coming to NZ so don't qualify for a full UK pension.
I dread it when it becomes time for SWMBO to apply for hers as her life as been so much more complicated.:(

10th May 2013, 09:38
Go to this site https://www.gov.uk/state-pension-if-you-retire-abroad/how-to-claim

It's explained well. Just contact Newcastle and they'll sort it out. Tell NZ that you are dealing and will let them know the details when you get them.

Nervous SLF
10th May 2013, 10:07
Thank you for that link however the NZ Govt. are going to pay me the full NZ pension ( I hope ) but will then take the part UK pension that
I am entitled too. According to that 24 page form in the link I have to give the UK people a Bank Account number - a number
that I don't have. They also want exact dates for some stuff and I haven't got a clue of those exact dates. I am not even sure of the exact
months let alone days :O Ah well maybe I will get a pension before I die but it might be a close run thing. :rolleyes:

10th May 2013, 10:24
Depending when you were born, you might be able to purchase some extra years (http://www.direct.gov.uk/prod_consum_dg/groups/dg_digitalassets/@dg/@en/@shared/documents/digitalasset/dg_180387.pdf).