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jez d
7th May 2013, 14:47
Rule 1 of the fully-authorised (pending) JB Local VD Rule Book states that while encouraged to extemporize, contributors are limited to just one VD addition per post, thereby maximising thread flow.

GALLUS (extant Glasgow)

A term of glowing approval.

Origin: Derived from a description meaning one who is cheerfully bursting with self-confidence, coined at the hanging of notorious Glaswegian villain Gentleman Jim, who remained smiling, cocksure and witty right up to the drop.

B Fraser
7th May 2013, 17:21
Stoatir (n) - A Glaswegian object attributed with many of the qualities considered "gallus". See also "braw". Examples include Archie Gemmill's goal against the Dutch in 1978 and any bird shagged by Rod Stewart.

Lon More
7th May 2013, 17:39
remaining in Glasgow, "Zebadeed". To be out of your mind (on drugs) From the character on Magic Roundabout

tony draper
7th May 2013, 17:57
Galluses, gall us sez,would be a pair of braces here for keeping yer breeks up,generally worn over yer simmet in the summer.
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a194/Deaddogbay/rab-c-nesbitt_zps0252dfba.jpg (http://s11.photobucket.com/user/Deaddogbay/media/rab-c-nesbitt_zps0252dfba.jpg.html)

Sailor Vee
7th May 2013, 19:10
Lon, I always thought that was 'Dylaned', from the guitar carrying rabbit. He never was seen to play it, mainly because he appeared stoned when he featured?

Lon More
7th May 2013, 19:25
I've heard both used - not from personal experience, but I would think Dylan would be used for "downers" and Zebedeed for "uppers"

I'm more of this era

Stanley Baxter - Parliamo Glasgow Sketches - YouTube

7th May 2013, 21:07

A brilliant early musician (J Handl Gallus). This is one of my favourites:

7th May 2013, 21:17
.....let us get away from the central belt. It is often thought that a "teuchter" is a Highlander like as wot I am. However a teuchter is reeellly someone who lives further north than you do. To a weegie, I am a teuchter, but someone from Wick or Thurso is a teuchter to me.

Let's not venture into the Western Isles, eh?

The Ancient Mariner

7th May 2013, 21:22
.....in the furthest reaches of this sceptred isle when something is going to happen soon, or someone is expected soon, it will be "dreckly"; as in "'tis all right my lover, the bus 'll be along dreckly".

The Ancient Mariner

PS "lover" does not connote any emotional connections.

7th May 2013, 22:38
......Local VD Rule Book...........

Do you mean that ?

7th May 2013, 22:58
You can get VD from JB?:eek::eek::bored:

7th May 2013, 23:01
One can certainly make the case for such by getting screwed over...

As to the thread:

"Bless his heart" which means in American Southern "what a stupid f**k..."

7th May 2013, 23:05
And then we have this song...

Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick full - YouTube


jez d
8th May 2013, 08:58
......Local VD Rule Book...........
Do you mean that ?

It seemed apposite.

PIGGY WIDDEN (extant Cornwall)

The runt of the litter

See also: Greenock Morton F.C.

8th May 2013, 09:51
w a nk e r - wuh-anker (n) Australian. Someone who does not agree with you.

tony draper
8th May 2013, 10:12
Titchy,very small.
Titchy Walla,small person, runt of the litter
Wor Titch, one's younger brother.

10th May 2013, 04:34
Wazzorn, moy cocker?
1960's Dorzet salutation offering a greeting, enquiring after one's well being and inviting a discussion of the day's events up to that that point in time - all in 3 words.

10th May 2013, 10:44

10th May 2013, 11:17
To move somewhat south and west (in fact any further south west and one will be swimming!) ie Cornwall


Right or proper

As in, " T'aint fiddy" or It is not right.

tony draper
10th May 2013, 11:49
Howyiganninon, Howsyafettle, Yarlreethinny, Geordie greetings.:rolleyes:

jez d
10th May 2013, 13:17
TUNKY (Black Country)

An over-weight pig

See also: Referee of the 1969 Greenock Morton / Celtic 4-2 League Division 1 match

10th May 2013, 13:43
Hadawayandshyte. (God's own country)

You're telling porkies/ I disagree with you.

Also useful as the name of a fictitious firm of solicitors should one be caught in a situation where one may be legally culpable i.e dunching into the back of someone else's car. May be used if one is able to scarper from the scene before exchanging insurance details.

B Fraser
11th May 2013, 06:47
"Yegonnaenodaethat" (Glasgow)

A polite request to desist from your present course of action.

To Podger (Glasgow)

The act of loving embrace.

Artificial Impodgeration (Glasgow)

The process undergone at a fertility clinic.

11th May 2013, 16:16
Thank you Lon. Took me back intaeramists. Otime, of course.

My brother, incidentally, once came on Andy Stewart, stuck with a burst tire on the approaches to Glasgow where a theatre awaited. Delivered him on time.

Gave me the boast: MaBrurragiedaluftaeAndyStewartfurrabawwisburstbut