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Dak Man
7th May 2013, 13:55
BBC News - New York Welsh pub Longbow faces discrimination fine (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-22430910)

Who in their right mind would admit to knowledge of the Welsh culture......

7th May 2013, 14:53
I suppose a university professor solicitation for someone who knows Chinese history would discriminate against those who know SRFA about Chinese history. Law suit time, eh? :p

7th May 2013, 14:56
Who in their right mind would admit to knowledge of the Welsh culture......

Oi Butty!:= Unfair: we gave the world, 'The Valleys'. And utter cods it is too.

Back home, the Jobcentre has refused to advertise a job 'cos the employer wanted a 'friendly' person. Apparently (no shit) this discriminates against unfriendly people. "We try to avoid references to personality traits".

A spokesperson agreed, but felt the person in question may have been a bit over-zealous. Geddit? Brilliant!


Lonewolf, my retirement plan is to sue Man United for refusing me a job as a player, just because I'm old and a shit footballer. How discriminatory is that?

7th May 2013, 15:12
The folks from the valleys contributed more than that. They gave a new word to the English language: "to welsh on someone".

7th May 2013, 16:00

I think they only discriminated against you because you were Welsh and not screwing some bird from a TV show ..................... unless....... ? Oh, and maybe your sister-in-law !

Very family-friendly the Welsh !

7th May 2013, 16:51
Now let me see. If there was an advertisement for a job as a wet-nurse, and I applied...and was refused on grounds that as a man I lacked one of the requirements for the job (well, two actually) could I sue on grounds of sex descrimination ?

7th May 2013, 21:17
That would never happen to an Irish pub, I mean having to specify knowledge of Irish culture for a bar job. ;) Everyone would qualify on that count!

On other hand, where would find someone with knowledge of Welsh culture who is also looking for a bar job in New York? Can't see them being flooded with applications.

7th May 2013, 21:43
What else would one expect from a city that has a mayor that thinks he is a dictator or a king. Political correctness gone mad.

Much like Obama.

7th May 2013, 22:36
World's Gone Mad.


7th May 2013, 22:38

Verb: Failure to repay a debt; cheat; etc

( yeah, I know )

7th May 2013, 22:42

Do you really think they care about this in Pontyclun?


7th May 2013, 23:41
Longbow 'Pub & Pantry'? What was he thinking of - who's wearing the trousers in that relationship?
Anyway, hope he wins.

Dak Man
8th May 2013, 00:22
....Caco, I grew up not too many miles from "Pontyunclun".........(Llantwit Fardre)....self deprecation is sometimes very good for the soul......

Seeing Llantwit Fardre on a road sign alongside its alternative Welsh spelling always made me smile........

8th May 2013, 00:25
self deprecation is sometimes very good for the soul......

Perhaps. :ok:


8th May 2013, 06:05
Indeed, the world has gone mad!