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27th Apr 2002, 21:35
OK, who do you think was the funniest Monty Python star?

Personally I'm for Michael Palin because his sense off humour is incredibly dry and completely off the wall.. Besides, I'm biased because he's from Sheffield, my hometown.

As you can only have five options in polls this is offered with apologies to Terry Gilliam - I guess we can exclude him as he stuck mainly to his (brilliantly funny) cartoons and the rest did the sketches.

Standard Noise
28th Apr 2002, 00:16
The late Mr Chapman, played a blinder as Bwian and King Arthur. Not to mention the Brigidier "Stop that, that's silly!"

Hagbard the Amateur
28th Apr 2002, 12:34
I'd go for Palin too even though they all had their peak moments.
What sticks in my mind is Palin's "Biggus Dickus" sketch.

Still we shouldn't discount Gilliam - the little he contributed on camera was side splittingly memorable - eg "We've got lumps of it round the back" in LOB and the vomiting policeman in the Whizzo Chocolates sketch.

28th Apr 2002, 14:07
Anyone remember Fawlty Towers....
No contest

28th Apr 2002, 16:40
They were all funny in their own way, just a shame that the poll couldn't have included Mr Terry Gilliam as well.

Fawlty Towers was a classic, much in the same way that Ripping Yarns was (Michael Palin & Terry Jones).

28th Apr 2002, 18:12
What have the Romans ever done for us? Apart from..............

28th Apr 2002, 21:42
Hard to argue against Cleese, I thought they were all brilliant in "The meaning of life" a film noone seems to mention. The part when they do the public school is pure brilliance,

"Today we celebrate empire day when we remember all the men from the Sudbury area, who so gallantly gave their lives to keep China British" :D :D

"Oh and jenkins, apparently your mother died today"

And the sex education class is classic.

They were all good though, Palin, Idle was superb at times and I loved Chapmans Protestant rant to his horny wife, "I want a french tickler"

29th Apr 2002, 09:54
Has anyone ever seen Cleese's "Assertiveness"-Instrucion video? You actually learn a lot while lying on the floor reminding yourself that it's time to breathe again...

Flight Detent
30th Apr 2002, 09:58
For me, "In search of the Holy Grail" was the very best ever, much, much better than "The Life of Brian", streets ahead!
I have it on tape, and I still laugh over and over again, each time I watch it, about once a year these days.

30th Apr 2002, 15:11

30th Apr 2002, 16:46
He's making a film of the book "Good Omens" written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimen.

If it's half as good as the book he goes to the top of my list.

30th Apr 2002, 19:36

You can only have five options in polls so i missed him out as he stuck mainly to cartoons.

2 sheds
30th Apr 2002, 22:48
It has to be Palin for the Parrot Sketch, as the dodgy pet shop keeper - "lovely plumage".

After all, is it not written that "wherever two or more Python fans are gathered together, they shall perform the Parrot Sketch - it is an ex-parrot, it has ceased to be....." ?

Soaring Sprog
2nd May 2002, 10:43
Can anyone help-

All this Pyton stuff reminds me of the first time I saw a Python on TV. At school on the last day of term once we were shown a spoof starring Paylin, I cant remember if any other Pythons were in it. It was based on Paylin's experience of public school and his attempts to escape, the funnyest thing I'd ever seen- some bits i remeber-

"When the sixth formers became prefects they won the right to nail the first-years to the wall" (shot of little boys being nailed high up on the side of a building)

"I escaped and ran for 10 miles before I was caught by the school Lion"

I cant remember if it was a video or TV recording, and I havent seen or heard anything of this since then, i think it was about half an hour long. Id love to see it again. Anyone any ideas what I'm reffering to? :confused: :confused: