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6th May 2013, 14:01
This looks like fun, anybody up for a Prune flotilla ? I am of course or I wouldn't be asking.

6th May 2013, 14:47
Count me in. :)

6th May 2013, 14:55
I'm registered!

Lon More
6th May 2013, 15:35

If a picture is worth a thousand words why isn't an emoticon worth at least ten?

7th May 2013, 08:33
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7th May 2013, 22:57
OK chaps... been a bit lax in not setting this up so very happy to see that y'all are ahead of me. Will change names to prefix PRU_ as you announce your participation.

Here is the current flotilla:

PPRuNe Name----------SOL boatname

brockenspectre -----------RainbowChaser
SMT Member--------------VikingAhoy

N.B. having your SOL boatname change just for this race will not alter your login credentials or, if you are an SYC Member, your rankings. As ever, I won't carry the PPRuNe prefix but shall deffo count myself in our wee flotilla competition!

8th May 2013, 06:21
I've signed up too

8th May 2013, 06:36
Thanks Brockie, knew you would catch up !

10th May 2013, 20:57
promotion a few stalwarts missing :)

11th May 2013, 18:14
However briefly, we have a Ppruner at the front!

11th May 2013, 18:16
Very briefly:{

11th May 2013, 18:44
You're still there. I'm impressed. :ok:

12th May 2013, 02:31
I've signed up

12th May 2013, 16:22
Welcome Kodachrome

Twice in one day - exceptional

http://i1203.photobucket.com/albums/bb385/lyric030250/Capture_zps07c35bcf.jpg (http://s1203.photobucket.com/user/lyric030250/media/Capture_zps07c35bcf.jpg.html)

Obviously meaningless at this stage and won't last.

12th May 2013, 20:19
Welcome Kodachrome. :)

So, when do we head off SW then? :8

SMT Member
12th May 2013, 20:34
Bit late for the party, but VikingAhoy has set sail once again, would be honoured to join the flotilla.

12th May 2013, 21:18
So, when do we head off SW then?

'Bout an hour methinks, at bed time !

13th May 2013, 10:28
Two things have sprung to mind.

1. Has anybody else noticed the off the wall approach of "Sassy63"
2. Is all well with Brockie ? she is very quiet and has just followed the rhumb line since the start.

Lost 165 places overnight !

13th May 2013, 10:57
Brockie is well, but has been otherwise engaged. She should be showing us her wake shortly.

Add me to the Prune fleet, please, Brockie. :ok:

13th May 2013, 16:21
Good to know - thanks

14th May 2013, 06:56
Hm, hard work these headwinds.:hmm:

14th May 2013, 09:00

A few boats seem to be heading North East. I wonder if they know something I don't

14th May 2013, 09:05
I just want to go East but can't see a way for at least 48 hours.
Just plod on I guess but PNG is going to get in the way.

Cap'n Beaufort is abeam at two nm so he might pop over for a glass later.

15th May 2013, 17:45
Hm, well this is getting a bit tedious bashing into a headwind. :hmm:

15th May 2013, 17:47
Looks set to change in the next 12 hours though:)

15th May 2013, 18:42
Just updated the names... you can tell when I was "released" from the tendrils of the NHS by the change in my course from CC (directly into wind it seems) hehehe not sure how many places I am going to make up but I shall darn well try... Mange (for such was Magnus Olsson known by those who knew him) never gave up and thus I shan't either hehehe :ok:

Anymore joining in? Please state PPRuNe name and SOL boatname... I will pop a PRU_ prefix in front of your boat, just for the race (doesn't affect login or rankings in any way).

Lon More
16th May 2013, 08:18
I wondered where everybody had gone. Stealth SOLers?

17th May 2013, 13:38
I was 260th this a.m. I am now 74th.



17th May 2013, 13:54
The wind is stronger to the East. Those westerners like myself are hoping it's a temporary effect.

17th May 2013, 15:49
In which case I look forward to resuming my normal position, just the positive side of half-way down the field.

18th May 2013, 17:38
Well it's going well so far Thready think the wind picks up for you first too.

19th May 2013, 10:46
Konfused C is still moving up! Now 9th.

I am figuratively, but not yet literally, taken aback. :O

Or the self-deployment of the sea-anchor cannot be too far off!

19th May 2013, 11:35
Well done, the Baron:ok:

In time, everything passes. Best to enjoy it whilst it lasts!

19th May 2013, 14:06
Just over a week in and some of us are getting richer while others of us are definitely getting poorer! Bravo to those who are in the right place and commiserations to me and others who would rather be elsewhere :E

I remember racing this Qingdao-Rio leg on VORG all those years ago... and the stark contrast between it and SOL is really hitting home for me. Obviously everyone has their personal preferences, and that's fine, but for me there really is just no returning to VR. There is just no comparison. Sailonline, with the way the wx unrolls in 10min pieces and its relatively complicated interface makes me feel as if I am acquiring some comprehension of what real sailing navigation requires. I honestly don't mind (too much) that I seem to be rubbish and get poor results... every race I learn something new! :ok:


20th May 2013, 21:46
Seem to have picked up your driver Thready be over by morning I expect.

25th May 2013, 17:52
Now while I seem to remain second in the flotilla isn't this hard work ?

Lon More
25th May 2013, 19:08
Ran out of bits on the tablet and couldn't get in so down 100 places :rolleyes:

27th May 2013, 08:13
Bother this hasn't worked out as I was expecting at all. :uhoh:

31st May 2013, 01:26
I have appeared to make a series of poor decisions

31st May 2013, 07:58
That's the fun though, still haven't worked out how to get round the first mark from where I am :ugh:

31st May 2013, 09:03
I figure I might be able to round the South Island if I get an act of sorts together... and a kinder wind!

31st May 2013, 11:57
Yes, I'm wondering the same, then head for the deep South, shorter distance to sail and more wind.

31st May 2013, 12:02
Seems to me that there are two groups, one that is going close to the mark but in poor wind, and then there is the other group, that most of Prune is in, that is heading for South Island hoping to hit better wind.
Certainly don't see any future in heading Port at the moment.

1st Jun 2013, 09:05
AHOY SOLing PPRuNers!!

I can't begin to imagine how Magnus Olsson completed this leg of the VOR 2008 in the time he did.. 40 days and 5 hours! Perhaps, if I'd been smarter, I'd have blindly followed the course he took and simply ignored the fact that winds are different now... it would probably have been more useful that the vague wanderings I have been doing.

Anyway.. here are our current standings!



2nd Jun 2013, 11:35
Whee!!! 24.5 Kts, better.:)

3rd Jun 2013, 09:19
Well done Cap'n B, now to see if it works out !

I'm impressed how closely packed the flotilla is still.

Lon More
3rd Jun 2013, 11:39
Who kicked the dog?

23 knots

6th Jun 2013, 07:58
Been around 21kts for a while now, just been trying to follow the GC track since the first mark.
The wind keeps taking me North of it however.

6th Jun 2013, 09:20
I've had a nightmare. New Zealand got in the way with dodgy winds in the lee. Playing catch up but getting left behind. :{

6th Jun 2013, 15:04
I thought your passage of the Cook Straight was quite elegant :ok:
There was a time wandering down towards NZ that I was seriously considering going right round the Southern tip of South Island but then an opportunity became apparent to head to the mark, so I took it.
Long way to go yet.

7th Jun 2013, 08:58
28.22 kts, which I think is the maximum possible. Wild ride -stand by for gear failure!

7th Jun 2013, 10:36
Thanks, that cheers me immeasurably:rolleyes:

Lon More
7th Jun 2013, 10:45
Set TWA and went round in a circle last week, now over 25 knots and look like I'll make a bit more shortly

11th Jun 2013, 13:34
I have been playing this for a while now, since the last round the world in fact. When will I learn that TWA is not the thing to do overnight. Still better wind in a couple of hours.

Lon More
16th Jun 2013, 09:27
When will I learn that TWA is not the thing to do overnight

Just done the same thing. :ugh:
More U turns than Thatcher ever made and just managed to avoid landing at Goose Green

16th Jun 2013, 09:58
Hoping brockie will look in, and I'm not sure if anybody else is experiencing this. A couple of days ago I noticed that when you click on the position in the main fleet tab you used to be able to compile a 'friends' list. This was quite useful in races like this one in keeping an eye on other Ppruners and see how badly one was doing (in my case). The friend option doesn't now come up unless you now fiddle around with the URL manually by typing in ?true=beta.:8

Lon More
16th Jun 2013, 10:34
For the Prunes just type in PRU, is that what you meant?

16th Jun 2013, 10:45
Disregard my previous ramblings. :O
For some reason the additional list which I had named 'friends' had been dropped, normally it gets remembered. As you were, I'm just suffering a senile moment.:}:O:O

Lon More
16th Jun 2013, 11:30
It's when the moments start to join up that you should get worried

18th Jun 2013, 17:51
I missed that TB, back to the front good oh!

18th Jun 2013, 22:38
not for long!

20th Jun 2013, 10:42
Oh for goodness sake, another hole. :bored:

21st Jun 2013, 06:35
Keep an eye astern fox3 (BlackDragon) ... I shall have you before the line! ;)

21st Jun 2013, 07:46
Close though, 3nm after all that way, congrats both.

21st Jun 2013, 08:05
Congratulations to the podium winners. :D

21st Jun 2013, 10:44
Pipped by the fox! Good run, mate.

21st Jun 2013, 10:44
Very tricky that one.
Work took me off the computer for ages in the Solomons leaving me way behind.
Having passed the Falklands, I had reflex up the coast and TB & Wodrick out East to cover. Covered reflex first then with wind changes leaped across to cover the others, just.
Great racing guys.

21st Jun 2013, 10:46
You sounded as if you knew what you were doing! Just reason to put me in my place then. ;)

My sailing is of the 'finger to the wind' style ... enjoyable all the same.

21st Jun 2013, 10:56
You sounded as if you knew what you were doing!
Antigua in sight at the end of my solo transatlantic, 2008
Did some racing with RAFSA 20 years ago - Fastnet, etc.

SMT Member
21st Jun 2013, 11:47
Poser :)

I too was absent from the keyboard at critical stages, and combined with my utter ineptitude and a lack of luck has had noticeable results. Only just rounded the horn, now steaming north at 27+ knots.

Great race guys, looking forward to the next one.

22nd Jun 2013, 21:11
Well done reflex and LonMore :D:D

Come on, the rest of the pruners :D

Beers are on me this time

29th Jun 2013, 13:49
Come on Viking!
You can make it before the close!:D:D

30th Jun 2013, 11:55
OK folks - apologies for not getting the results done while the race was open (they would have looked a lot neater) but as y'all can imagine, the summer is a busy time on Sailonline and.. with the impending transition to SYC Community PLUS of course Jubilant's Fastnet Campaign "one has been overstretched"... of course being overstretched should imply that I look slimmer or different somehow but.. I don't!!

ANYWAY... here our our finishing results!


VERY WELL DONE to all those who got it right! :ok:

Please all do keep an eye on Jubilant's activities via her blog (http://solfastnetcampaign.wordpress.com/)- it IS the first time that a crew of virtual sailors have qualified for any offshore race, and the Rolex Fastnet is a good'un! Jubilant is fundraising via JustGiving (http://www.justgiving.com/teams/Jubilants-Fastnet-Campaign)both for the RNLI and for The Cure Parkinson's Trust (RNLI sort-of parochial but TCPT has a global reach although a Brit organisation)... so please do spread the word. The minimum donation is 2 so, hopefully, that will encourage everyone to chip in!

Remember to holler for another PPRuNe Flotilla Venture... there are few ocean and other races coming up that are eligible methinks! :ok:

30th Jun 2013, 14:56
Thanks for that Brockie

There seems a group that are always up for the ocean races at least :)

Really enjoyed the last one.

13th Jul 2013, 08:46
Well that Tall Ship race was slow but close at the end Brockie :D

13th Jul 2013, 09:13
I'm still not finished, to think I was 6th at one brief stage a couple of days ago.:(

13th Jul 2013, 22:06
I finished up 1 place behind you Beaufort

13th Jul 2013, 22:07
That last bit was painful though was it not. Next !

16th Jul 2013, 12:02
Short notice but anybody interested in a Pprune fleet for the Canaries-Rio race?

16th Jul 2013, 12:07
Count me in!

16th Jul 2013, 12:27
Me too, big connection problems at the moment, and for the last three days, but have managed to set a DC for the start.

16th Jul 2013, 12:45
I am moving between continents over the next 3 days, so the problems may even out!

16th Jul 2013, 14:38
OK folks.. Gran Canaria - Rio Flotilla thread about to be started! Shows how on the ball I am NOT I just went to move your posts about it to a new one hehehe Shome mishtake shurely.. one doesn't have Admin privileges in these hallowed 'alls!!

luv brockie!