View Full Version : If you were in a hot air balloon?

27th Apr 2002, 18:41
with marmite, beer, ribena, and bacon butties, and needed to ditch things to stay alive, in what order would you scop them over the side?


(consuming them isn't going to help the situation):D

27th Apr 2002, 19:05
swiftly followed by the ribena. (unless it's strawberry ribena).
ermmm bacon?? is it cooked or raw? if it's raw then that'll have to go as well
what brand of beer have I go?

these are all important factors.
but no matter what, the marmite will be the first to go :)

Kalium Chloride
27th Apr 2002, 21:48
You could drink the beer then p*ss it over the side :D

Feeton Terrafirma
28th Apr 2002, 03:59
You could eat the lot and then dump it over the side :p

But truth be known, its got no engine, it's got no wings and it looks like it was a mistake in a cheap Chinese furniture factory and you think I'm going to get in it? :eek:

Tartan Gannet
28th Apr 2002, 13:11
Marmite first, Im one of the types who HATE the stuff with a vengence. Then the Ribena. Next the beer, especially if it was Bitter and not Lager. The bacon butties would be the last to be thrown away. I would have eaten them to begin with in any event, and would have drunk the beer if it was lager, so the suggested "biological" method of dumping them after due processing over the side would come into play.:D :D :D

28th Apr 2002, 19:44
The Ribena would have to go first. It used to be one of those 'have to have' items in the cupboard. These days it's a luxury.

Next to go would be the Marmite. Love the stuff, but not as much as beer and bacon.

Last two would be difficult, and would very much depend on whether the bacon was smoked or not, and what kind of beer it was. I reckon the bacon would win though... sorry beer! :p

29th Apr 2002, 14:20
Whether the bacon is raw or not is not an issue. This is a hot air balloon - it has a burner, it can cook bacon!

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of beer. So I'd cook the beer on the burner, boil it down until only the alcohol was left, and then drink the remains, along with my freshly cooked bacon. An excellent plan - the only drawback being that alcohol boils at a lower temperature than other ingredients of beer. Damn!

I love marmite, but not sure about its value without having any toast to spread it on, so that and the ribena would definitely go first.


29th Apr 2002, 14:29
Ribena,Bacon then finally Beer, marmite wouldn't have made it aboard in the first place...

30th Apr 2002, 00:57
I'd just crash the balloon and get rid of another pointless form of airbourne transport. If possible i'd crash it into a glider.

30th Apr 2002, 02:22
LOL at somewhatconcerned. Was thinking along the same lines of just crashing the balloon as what the hell was i doing on it in the first place. I would actually throw out the balloon pilot, then the marmite, then the ribeena, then the bacon, then the beer.

1st May 2002, 20:26

Sorry, but the alcohol would boil away first, however you could use the balloon as some sort of enormous still.