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4th May 2013, 14:28
So how does this work then - apart from magic of course?

Biertijd.com // Media Azulejos Trick (http://biertijd.com/mediaplayer/?itemid=40360)

4th May 2013, 14:44
I don't think its mathematical but physical - you see the
tray out of sight a lot and a few well placed camera cuts.

How he's actually doing it I dunno - but its too late and
I'm too tired to figure it out. Maybe tomorrow...

4th May 2013, 15:51
Seen it done with paper shapes too. It relies on the slanting cuts on the bricks. If you look at the first 'reshuffle, 6 rows away from the camera and come in from the right you can see that the first 3 bricks in row 6 are now visibly 'larger' than standard. From brick 4 on it is row 5 that is 'larger', and then look at the left-hand brick in the 4th row. There is a visible discontinuity in the gap between row 5 and 6 after brick 3. Add up the total bits of 'larger' and they will come to around 1 whole brick.

4th May 2013, 16:22

4th May 2013, 17:22
She has hairy arms, no breasts and trying tricks of intelligence.


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4th May 2013, 17:32
Is she lighter than a duck?

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