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4th May 2013, 13:04
Had this sent to me today....interestingly it appears as though just down from Radio City Hall, and here was me thinking the Big Apple was too Democratic, not enough GOP types about....

Judge Jeanine Pirro Slams Jihad Mom: Lady, You Shouldn?t Be Allowed (http://itmakessenseblog.com/2013/04/28/judge-jeanine-pirro-slams-jihad-mom-lady-you-shouldnt-be-allowed/)

Fox, I never watch it...such poorly disguised propoganda and the same could be said of this.....but good use of it even if any was (or was not) taken out of context...

Another good one from the 'Religion of Peace' thanks for that Islam :rolleyes:

I'm certain I must misunderstand you....:{:ugh:

Edited to add: She let herself right down at the 5:23 mark with the cynical lawful gun owner remark.... and she was careless as it went on, but so am I as the night wears on :\:ok:

4th May 2013, 14:01
Nothing said in this that hasn't already been vetted in JetBlast.

No need to post videos of one of our members prattling-on

and the responses in that link were pure JetBlast although the names were changed.

I don't watch Fox news either, I get all my daily highs and lows by participating in JetBlast :)

4th May 2013, 14:28
Brilliant woman for having the guts to say
what was publically needed to be said.

El Grifo
4th May 2013, 15:40
Yep !! seriously pissed is the lady :ok:

It's Not Working
4th May 2013, 15:49
Best rant I've seen in a while, I think Slasher has nailed it.