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4th May 2013, 02:24
Anybody else notice that the moderators are banning a lot of posters because they don't agree with their European philosophy? Yes, a lot of us don't like Airbus way of teaching pilots how to fly airplanes with pushbutton technology. We get banned because we think maybe Air France 447 should have had at least one pilot in the cockpit that could handfly an Airbus but didn't.

I guess as we all get banned you can just use your own world of flying to insure push button automation is the world of the future. Sad.

4th May 2013, 02:32

We all push and pull stuff (even the mods). Sometimes it stalls and often we emerge as modern heroes. It is all the same shit... ;)


4th May 2013, 02:41
bubbers44: I have said much worse than you concerning the AF447, concerning those 3 minutes stall madness, and have never been banned for that.

Airbus changed its training to include stalls (Airbus FBW is not supposed to stall :eek: ) so I don't see how you can be banned for saying it.

It seems you are not banned anyway.

4th May 2013, 02:44
If you stick up a post in TL John Tulla is a pretty good mod - one
of the extreme few whose judgement I trust. Can't see why these
well deserved criticisms of Airboos would get one banned though.
Surely its a mere deletion of the posts in question?

...According to a vid of Sully I saw recently, the FO in the left seat
should've been able to handle it manually - but he didn't know the
Child of Scarebus Philosophy in the right had his gamestick pulled
all the way back.

4th May 2013, 10:24
The Aerboos design philosophy with the advent of FBW and flight envelope protection was an admirable one, the trouble is, it was translated into a concept where the pilot was perceived as the problem, and has been compounded by an engineering arrogance that has refused to accept the limitations imposed by some poorly thought out system functionality.
It reminds me of the comments Robin Olds made when he was told the F4 didn't need a gun as missiles would take care of it all, the day of the dogfight was over..or so the designers said.

PPRuNe Towers
4th May 2013, 13:06
Bubbers gets blocked from individual threads for one reason only.

The same stories again and again wheeled out. Off topic keyboard hammering for the sake of it.


Lon More
4th May 2013, 14:23
so he is "forced" to come into JB and lower the tone of the place?

4th May 2013, 22:52
I guess so. I guess us old guys are obsolete and the new guys are in control now. Makes me happy to be retired at 60 with no violations, no incidents and no reports against me in 25 years of airline flying with thousands of passengers and flight attendants. I really don't care if the new generation of pilots want to fly as they do because it is no longer my job. A good friend of mine just got kicked off by a monitor because he didn't agree with the pprune group so just wanted to state my feelings. Bye.

4th May 2013, 23:07
My own experience in the lower end of the scale where stick and rudder skills are what's required is that many of the new crop of pilots can't really fly. When I demonstrate something that is both safe and within the limitations of the aircraft, they are shocked or scared. Great for my ego as a 'superpilot'. Not so great when you realise they are only aircraft operators not pilots in the old sense.

In AF 447 that was writ large. The Sullys of this world are on the way out.

It does start in the flight schools who turn out pilots with basic skills, they in turn get into airlines. Most of the time they get away with it for their entire career, sometimes they don't and people die.

4th May 2013, 23:31
The same stories again and again wheeled out. Off topic keyboard hammering for the sake of it.

If that were the standard then Trab thread would have been closed years ago.

5th May 2013, 00:12
Prob why ole Bubbers has joined us in the basement...:oh: