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3rd May 2013, 00:05
I offer this in some shame, but not as much as before, for I am learning my way – slowly – around this electronic gubbins.

In my record for 5 May 2009 I noted an inquiry I had made about then in PPRuNe for a famed incident in the history of an Irish Regiment in the British Army. It may have been the (Royal?) Dublin Fusiliers, and I think it occurred in Turkey at the time of the “Chanak Crisis” in the early 1920s.

The Regiment did, as ordered, “Clear the Causeway” and from that acquired more fame than it already anjoyed and a nom de guerre.

I had asked if anyone could put me right on the event, and my recollection is that, as always, ORAC did not fail.

Now in 2013, four years later, I hope my memory is right, and that ORAC can do the miracle again.

If not ORAC, some worthy colleague?

3rd May 2013, 01:00
Davaar - does this assist those faulty memory cells?


3rd May 2013, 02:42
Onetrack, That's it! Many thanks.

I don't quite see how my own record got transposed from, 2002 to 2009, but no matter; that is the reference I was looking for.

Incidentally, my late father was a captain in the Home Guard, and eventually they got rifles and ammunition. Many of the members were old sweats from WW!, and my father had been a private (machine-gunner) in the HLI.

One day one of the merry men let go a shot by accident, and my father was less than pleased. On his issuing a soldierly reproof the guilty man was a tad bolshie, and father said:
"Is that the discipline you learned in the 'Clear the Causeways"?
"Fworr did yez learn about dem, Sorr?", came the reply, much impressed.

Anyway, the local major and my father were not best buddies. The word got out that a round had been fired, and that Major X was going to nail Captain Davaar at last.

At that time the BEF had just got out of Dunkirk, and many of the brutal and licentious soldiery were sent home with their weapons and ammunition.

My father's day job, so to speak, was Parish Minister of the Church of Scotland, but he always had a great rapport with the Rev Father O'R and many of the local RCs, one of whom just mentioned, Sorr! that Pte Tom A was back home in the village wid his rifle.

No time wasted, Father was off to welcome Pte Tom A back from his adventures, and by the way could he spare one round of Lee-Enfield .303 ball ammunition? "Dat'll be ma pleasure, Sorr".

Down to the HG HQ, and the round of ammunition was carefully placed in the ammunition store.

Next day ..... Surprise inspection by Major X. The whole establishment was inspected.

"Good! Good! And now, Davaar, we'll check the ammunition store, shall we?"

"Certainly, Sir. Sergeant O'D! Bring the ammunition locker keys for Major X! Make an ammunition count against the stores record"

"Roight away, Sorr!"

"Ammunition count .... Wan, Two, T'ree ... And again, Major X, Sorr? ... Wan, Two, T'ree ... All present and correct, Sorr!"

Departure of Major X.

"And that, dear Grandchildren, is how Grandpapa and the 'Clear the Causeways' won the war. 'Twas a very great mystery!"