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30th Apr 2013, 14:34
Twice this week I've received a phone call..........(Me) "Hello" and then hear a ringing tone in in the earpiece, I hang up the call instantly. Any ideas?


30th Apr 2013, 14:54
They may have been expecting a woman to answer :=


30th Apr 2013, 15:08
I have been plagued with phonecalls both from several mobile numbers and landlines which according to web-sleuthing are from a firm or firms who somehow have your mobile phone account information and want to get you to upgrade in some way. I've no idea how they are loosely affiliated with the carrier, but they are in some way. Of course it might be the PPI hounds. Usually they have a computer that dials loads of phones and when one answers it transfers the call to an agent (which would explain the ringing you hears dazdaz).


30th Apr 2013, 15:24
Very funny funfly, tea and biscuits for you with a chat........

SpringJack....... I was only worried if the re-dialling was answered, like 1.50 or more per minute, that's why I ended the call.


30th Apr 2013, 16:52
Didn't give it full attention but apparently there's some new scam involving a number that looks like a mobile (but isn't) and ends 10 10 10.

30th Apr 2013, 17:07
Some automated call machines scan through a list of numbers and initiate a call.

If the call is answered, it then transfers to a switchboard where a human (!) answers the call and begins their salespitch.

If you discontinue the call before the human answers (though sometimes it's a machine) then you save yourself until your number comes up again.

30th Apr 2013, 18:55
A silent call (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silent_call).

Although we are on the do not call list we still get plenty of these. Usually a foreign number or "anonymous".

I leave them to go through to the answering machine and the caller usually disconnects before our bilingual message ends.

How such scum can make a living out of deception, I don't know. May they all rot in hell.

30th Apr 2013, 20:24
Twice this week I've received a phone call..........(Me) "Hello" and then hear a ringing tone in in the earpiece, I hang up the call instantly. Any ideas?

You were dialed through automation, your number being on a database, either that of the caller, or one that was sold to them by a third party (including most reputable companies who do this commonly).

Once the call is established (you answer) the call is then routed to a call centre operator (usually on the indian subcontinent) who then answer and go into their spiel....

A sign of the times. I know a guy who runs a business who has this happening to him 4-5 times EVERY day.

Now that must be annoying.

Flap 5
1st May 2013, 06:46
Many banks, utility companies and firms insist on calling by phone as they don't trust emails. When they then insist on going through some security questions I refuse to continue. How can I be sure who they are? There are too many of these scam phone calls and I can not trust who may be calling me anymore. Often the person calling is bemused by this. Clearly they haven't experienced scam phone calls.

It has got to the point where most landline daytime calls during the week are scam calls.

unstable load
1st May 2013, 08:54
Flap 5, I went through that rigmarole with a call I received, much to the bemusement of the caller.
I asked for his name and office number, supervisor's name and told him to call back in 10 minutes. I then called the number he gave and gave his supervisor a bollocking for wasting my time, and had the pleasure of the guy calling back to apologise.
A good time was had by all.....:ok:

Cyber Bob
1st May 2013, 12:11
or just try this. Before they launch into their spiel ask them if you can ask them a quick question:

CB- Have you spoken to him today?

Caller: Who

CB: God, have you spoken to him my Son

Caller: Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Works every time :ok:

Dave Gittins
1st May 2013, 12:34
The one that is currently getting my goat and calling about 3 times a week is the electronic voice that says "This is an urgent message about your payment protection plan ..... "

My wife knows when it happens because she hears me tell it to F*** Off

1st May 2013, 12:44
I recently bought new phones with the ability to programme for rejection of international, number withheld and specific numbers. Works well.


Windy Militant
1st May 2013, 12:52
This was recently mentioned on the radio. Because so many people have signed up for the telephone preference service, a lot of these companies are using number generators rather than databases. They start at a given number and just increment, law of averages mean they get lucky a fairly high percentage of the time. With the automated systems once they've started they need to finish so just let them run out. Be wary of the ones that tell you to press 9 to remove yourself from the list as sometimes this links to premier rate lines rather than doing what they say it will.
Telling them to Far Cough and slamming the phone down does not work as the machine tags the number as unfinished and calls again and again until it reaches the end of the message. :ugh:

1st May 2013, 17:42
CB- Have you spoken to him today?

Caller: Who

CB: God, have you spoken to him my Son


Must remember that one...

1st May 2013, 19:24
These calls apparently occur regardless of the 'do not call' list in the US. They come in on land line and both cell phones.

My response continues to be to place the receiver down gently and go about my interrupted activities until it begins to beep. This is sometimes several minutes, during which time they are hopefully losing time, money and the ability to pester other people.

The cell phones can be programmed to block junk numbers as they occur. A quick run of the incoming number thru a search engine will quickly reveal which ones are just nuiscances.

This morning I did hear a police call in NY of a woman who received a phone call that her grandson had been arrested in the Philippines and needed money. She called 911 forthwith.