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29th Apr 2013, 08:16
Recently someone mentioned to me the strange music that is played whilst holding to take a call. The one that comes to mind is a Doctor's surgery when you hold you will get ' I close my eyes and I slipped away' by Boston.

29th Apr 2013, 08:47
Not hold music but I once boarded a Sabena flight in Rome and they were playing Joe Dolce ‘Wassa madda you – shaddap-a you face’. I’m sure the Italian passengers loved it.

29th Apr 2013, 09:12
I remember the music played at the local cinema whils the advert for the local Samaritans was shown was the theme tune for "MASH". - Suicide is Dangerous........:bored:

Captain Dart
29th Apr 2013, 09:32
It gets worse. Actually, the lyric is, 'Suicide is painless...'.

29th Apr 2013, 09:44
The local dentist pipes porn music into his waiting room.
I don't think he knows it is though - but to me its a very
nice distraction while awaiting the painful encounter yet
to come.

And no I didn't give him the tape! :\

29th Apr 2013, 09:49
The local dentist pipes porn music into his waiting room.
What is porn music? Do you mean music that you associate with porn, or is this a genre of music that I have not yet had the pleasure of errr ... coming across?

29th Apr 2013, 10:00
Normally I hate the inoffensive but unrewarding stuff you hear on Classic FM. It does not hold your attention. But my dentist uses it and it is just sufficiently distracting.

Radio 3 would be too much in those surroundings. Two things I would not want my dentist to play would be 'Ride of the Valkyries', and '1812 Overture'.

29th Apr 2013, 10:03
Cape now you don't need me to give you
a definitive answer on that do you? ;)

29th Apr 2013, 10:58
Many years ago, in an age far away - last century, in fact, circa 1970's, SAA used to play the theme from Star Wars as the engines spooled up for takeoff and we headed off down the runway. I quite liked the idea of us heading off to do battle (even though reality was just a flight to Kimberly or Bloemfontein.)

Big Tudor
29th Apr 2013, 11:52
The morning that the death of Diana Princess of Wales was announced, BBC Radio 1 played a track called "One Night Stand" by The Aloof on loop for several hours which seemed a tad insensitive! :hmm:

29th Apr 2013, 12:06
SAA used to play the theme from Star Wars as the engines spooled up

I remember that well. I did a quick Google to see if I could find it, and came up with this composite of a number of airline theme tunes. Thought it might be of interest.


29th Apr 2013, 12:30
While boarding a cruise ship they were playing film music-one of which was from the Titanic :eek:

Lon More
29th Apr 2013, 12:47
I think "EAT is 90 minutes from now" would be pretty inappropriate