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28th Apr 2013, 13:05
Hello folks.

Me and a mate are flying to Iceland on Thursday for a weeks cycle touring.

I'm wondering if anybody knows somewhere we can store the two big cardboard boxes the bikes are travelling in, a corner of a hangar perhaps? This will save us trying to find something on the return journey to put them in.

Cheers Tom

28th Apr 2013, 14:14
We have had 8 months of rain and cold weather and it is just about to get a bit warmer now..........
.............and you are going to Iceland :ugh:

Lon More
28th Apr 2013, 14:38
Get in the way of one of these an it'll be you coming back in the box.


Don't they have left-luggage offices at the airport?

Erwin Schroedinger
28th Apr 2013, 15:07
Don't they have left-luggage offices at the airport?

Yes, but where do you go to claim right-luggage?

Krystal n chips
28th Apr 2013, 15:14
About this bike of yours......and, erm, your life insurance cover.

I don't wish to appear alarmist in any way, but, should you hear the word
Krafla, mentioned several times. with increasing levels of histrionic tones, then maybe you could be setting a few new land speed records for cycling..with or without lycra....:D

C5 had a programme about Iceland last week. Forget the bankers and politicians, it seems that there are three volcanoes, and one in particular, that are going to do more damage to Europe and the USA than the others put together as and when they decide to let go...which could be soon.

I am sure it will all go well for you however, but, if it doesn't then you can at least take comfort as the ash cloud and magma engulf you, that you were at least warned here on JB. :p

28th Apr 2013, 15:15
If you're flying to Keflavik I know that Europcar have a big hangar like building very close to arrivals. They might help you out and if you are flying out early they are open for customers returning cars for the first flights out at Oh silly O'clock. :ok:

28th Apr 2013, 16:03
Krystal, saw the c5 programme think It's that sneaky sulphur mist we have to look out for!

Beaufort cheers will call in at europcar and see if they can help.

It may be warming up here but this should be way more interesting than the standard bucket and spade run!

28th Apr 2013, 16:04
Well, a cursory google search throws up the BSI bus terminal as a possibility, sounds as if it's a large shelved store room rather than lockers and you'd have to pay of course.

28th Apr 2013, 17:42
Went 4WD touring there in August.

Many cyclists even on the Y26(?) inland road (track).

Many of the roads in my experience were too narrow for opposite direction traffic. And many time having to stop to allow cyclists right of way due to opposite direction vehicles.

Good luck.


Milo Minderbinder
28th Apr 2013, 17:52
just remember - they're all related
so if you sleep with one girl, the next one you meet is probably her aunt / niece / cousin ....and they all gossip. Be careful

28th Apr 2013, 18:05
just remember - they're all related

Hence the need for this (http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-04/18/iceland-incest-app) :E

28th Apr 2013, 18:15
so if you sleep with one girl, the next one you meet is probably her aunt / niece / cousin ....and they all gossip. Be careful
That the difference between us Milo

If you do the job right the first time then you will be busy.:ok: