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27th Apr 2013, 23:08
Henk Kuipers en Jeanine Hennis Plasschaert in Pauw & Witteman - 30-01-2012 - YouTube


27th Apr 2013, 23:45

You're beginning to worry me.:{

27th Apr 2013, 23:47
Ach Atom



27th Apr 2013, 23:51
Psyche - Goodbye Horses (21st Century Immortality Mix) [Optimo Music, 2012] - YouTube


28th Apr 2013, 00:12
We are Devo!

28th Apr 2013, 00:17
No matter how weird you are oh Cack, there's always someone weirderthan you, friend. :ok:

Jocko Homo (original version) - YouTube

28th Apr 2013, 00:19
Damn it man... ;)


28th Apr 2013, 00:25
Night Cackers. Time for ma sweepies....

To sleep, perchace to grab the wifes arse, thinking it's a hosties'...;)

28th Apr 2013, 00:57
Listen Atom

We are not flying 737s for some silly Irish outfit you hear! ;)


28th Apr 2013, 01:52
...and they make nice caps :}

Milo Minderbinder
28th Apr 2013, 07:49
If this is a competition for weirdness, I offer:

The Residents - The Third Reich 'n' Roll (1976) [Full Album] - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=SbTIhC79UJ4&feature=endscreen)

PS who was the Dutch bird in the first video. She looks like she might be a go-er

28th Apr 2013, 07:56
who was the Dutch bird in the first video. She looks like she might be a go-er

Thinking of Dutch roll, Milo ? :E

Erwin Schroedinger
28th Apr 2013, 08:02
...adventurous in bed, and Danish butter is the best

A la 'Last Tango in Paris', you mean? :ooh:

Lon More
28th Apr 2013, 08:52
PS who was the Dutch bird in the first video. She looks like she might be a go-er
Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, a Dutch MP from the VVD party.

Just because he's a biker doesn't mean he's stupid or a master criminal. The president of the British Hells Angels, who unfortunately died some 20 years ago, Doctor Maz Harris, was an extremely likeable bloke.
I'd rather have a biker as a friend than many of the people who now visit here.

28th Apr 2013, 11:20
I quite like the Dutch, also. Hard not to, when on every occasion I have tried speaking their impossible language, they immediately recognise my total incompetence and respond immediately in faultless English - with just that intriguing little twang to their accent. And hey, how about all those yummy Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam, most of them with those delicious Rijsttafel meals on their menu - what's not to like?

Who couldn't admire the gusto with which the Dutch pronounce place names like Gorinchem, making it sound like a combination of a hearty sneeze and a prelude to hitting a spittoon from twenty paces away?

And then there's their endearing eccentricity. What other nation would hold cheese festivals like the good folk of Alkmaar, where they pile the plump red-waxed Edams and other delicacies on brightly painted sledges hung by ropes from the shoulders of Hans and Joos, or Kees and Jan, all dressed for the occasion like full sized garden gnomes?

But best of all, in an increasingly hostile world full of countries that have gone right off the UK and all it stands for, they seem to still like us! ;)

28th Apr 2013, 11:22
I love the Dutch also . . . . and Danish butter is the best..
Well, I go to sea . . . I know they make cheese backwards (Edam) but I never knew they made Danish butter. You learn something new . . .

28th Apr 2013, 11:31
I have spent a lot of time in Holland over the years, both professionally and visiting friends. I also travel a lot on KLM.

I find it very hard to find anything not to like about the country, the way of life, and the people. Maybe the weather .... but they take it all on their stride, and when it's fine it's glorious.

Lon More
28th Apr 2013, 14:55
rowwen hze - kwestie van geduld - YouTube

28th Apr 2013, 15:03

28th Apr 2013, 15:21
There may be something about the Dutch that evokes strong emotions. I have a South African (white English speaking) friend who loathes and detests the Dutch with an irrational vehemence which I cannot understand. He is one of the most reasonable, fair, and logical people I have ever met, he's an accountant and someone who is very happy with his life.

He and his long suffering wife came to visit me when I was working in Holland and he was grumpy and aggressive from the moment he boarded the KLM flight until the moment he got off on the return leg. He looked for arguments with Dutch people on every possible occasion and was generally, and uncharacteristically, obnoxious to the embarassment of his wife and me. This to the extent that I had to go to one of my favourite restaurants in Leiden the next day and apologise for him.

He's always having a go at me for my prejudices about certain nationalities, and yet he is far worse himself.

28th Apr 2013, 15:54
I liked your clip of David Sedaris, vulcanised! His rich seam of dry, anecdotal wit is ideal for a description of the inspired nuttiness of "Sinterclaas and his six to eight black men" in Holland. Thanks for posting it. :ok:

I think his very funny style is almost unique, though at times it is reminiscent of James Thurber's sublime humour, and even of Bob Newhart's hilarious set pieces of situational comedy.

B Fraser
28th Apr 2013, 16:13
There are few ways better to pass the time than sitting outside a Dutch pub with a beer in hand and good Dutch company while watching the ladies cycle past in their short skirts. I guess that's where the term "a Dutch wink" comes from. They have a word all their own to describe it......gezellich.


And yet for all their knowledge and ability, there is no word for airing cupboard.

Lon More
28th Apr 2013, 16:44
at zou gezellig zijn, Meneer Frazer.

An "airing cupboard" is een droogkast

28th Apr 2013, 17:10
Dutch men who are amongst the world experts on getting hammered with friendly furriners, and Dutch women who are extraordinary examples of sexuality.

What's not to like?

B Fraser
28th Apr 2013, 17:15
Thank you Mr More, The nearest expression I ever hear was verfrischenkust (sp ?).

Gezellig indeed ;)

Mac the Knife
28th Apr 2013, 18:11
Great place, fantastic women and they even speak Afrikaans (with a dreadful accent though!).

Their spelling is even worse.



Lon More
28th Apr 2013, 18:14
never heard that one, Mr. Frazer. Sounds more germanic

G&T ice n slice
28th Apr 2013, 18:24
Have you ever noticed that the KLM stewardess uniform matches the colour of their eyes?

28th Apr 2013, 22:21
I love the Dutch women because I'm married to one!

28th Apr 2013, 22:38

Mike X
28th Apr 2013, 22:55
What's with you guys? Complain about morality, yet ignore it realtime.

29th Apr 2013, 22:59
Met betrekking tot die Nederlandse...


Lon More
30th Apr 2013, 12:48
.... Uniform matches the color of their eyes?


Loopt heel snel weg

G&T ice n slice
30th Apr 2013, 14:27

it's queen's day to-day in the Netherlands (and, I guess all over the world as well, of course, but only a pedant would start a flame on that score)


jullie allemaal een leuke Koningkinenendag

(I've lost "het groeneboekje", or is it "de groene boekje" I can't tell without the groeneboek)

p.s. I'm almost certain I mis-spelled Koningingenendag, but I think I got away with it

30th Apr 2013, 14:36
Thanks Matari, I sent that along to my mate and his reply was :

bloody wonderful

thanks, made my day