View Full Version : SW jet hits wild boar?

Mic Dundee
27th Apr 2013, 20:40
Rumour? Any latest on a 737 landing in Ft. Lauderdale, then striking a wild boar on roll-out?

Piltdown Man
27th Apr 2013, 21:30
BBQ tonight then!

27th Apr 2013, 21:39
Reminded of the joke:

ATC: Be advised previous departing aircraft reported some kind of dead animal on the runway.

Pilot: Roger, we have informed our caterers..

27th Apr 2013, 22:51
finally, some food on a SW flight!

28th Apr 2013, 01:27
Finally, at long last! - flight crew who can really bring home the bacon! :)

West Coast
28th Apr 2013, 03:53
No, the hogs at SWA serve the drinks.

Funny though, thought the pilots called the FA's there the 3G's of aviation. I'll likely get binned or at a minimum be reminded what an insensitive SOB I am if I explain further.

Erwin Schroedinger
28th Apr 2013, 08:22
Isn't it rather bad form to hog the runway?

Lon More
28th Apr 2013, 08:29
wild? I'll bet the boar was furious.