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27th Apr 2013, 16:26
Good friend has just moved from pretty grim landlord in Leeds who demanding elements of deposit because he couldn't get someone in day after mate left. Mate and g/f refused access after 3-4 visits during notice period as unhappy about LL attitude. LL intimidated the g/f with an Estate agent present to show tenants around despite being requested not to. Police were notified so there is record of agressive behaviour.

Mate earlier this week got bills and other stuff all opened (with no envelopes) in an envelope from Landlords wifes employer. As they had new address to send the stuff they could have just readressed (franked) envelope but seems they wanted to look at everything that was inside.

I believe this is against the law but not really sure.

Mate intends talking to Royal Mail on Monday but I suggesting he should consider making an official complaint to police as well as he has said there was some private stuff in there as well which may have been copied.

Anybody know the clear legal position ?

27th Apr 2013, 16:31
Your post is being opened or tampered with (http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/nireland/consumer_ni/consumer_post_e/consumer_problems_with_post_e/consumer_problems_with_post_delivery_e/your_post_is_being_opened_or_tampered_with_by_someone_else.h tm)

If your mail is damaged when it arrives or has gone to the wrong address, you might suspect that someone else has opened it or tampered with it in some way. It is against the law to open mail that is intended for someone else. It is also against the law for an employee of Royal Mail to open or tamper with items of post.

This page explains what you should do if you suspect that someone else is opening or tampering with your post...................

27th Apr 2013, 16:34
I believe there may still be an offence of "interfering with the Royal Mail" or some such.

I recall that at one time it carried quite severe penalties, although that may have changed with all the changes that have taken place with postal services over the last few years.

Edited to add: cross posted with ORAC, who's provided better info

27th Apr 2013, 16:34
That which might not be to the detriment of the sealed envelope slitters may be found here:
Can someone else open my post? - Crime and Justice (http://www.findlaw.co.uk/law/criminal/other_crime_and_justice_topics/500355.html)

27th Apr 2013, 16:44
Did your mate not arrange a redirection of his mail with the post office?

27th Apr 2013, 17:12
Sue the LL


27th Apr 2013, 17:20
Did your mate not arrange a redirection of his mail with the post office?

He said no and was in changeover in moving out. He said most of his stuff never came there anyway just utilities / phone / 1 bank account and council tax.

27th Apr 2013, 17:47
My own experience with re-direction was it was only about 60% effective, so still had to have some kind of on-site fall-back.