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Erwin Schroedinger
27th Apr 2013, 08:05
Brazilian Bruno Coutinho man harpoons himself in the head, survives | Metro News (http://metro.co.uk/2013/04/26/man-survives-after-firing-foot-long-harpoon-into-his-own-head-3667768/)

Just goes to show how tough brazil nuts really are.

Anyone know of any more amazing survivals?

Erwin Schroedinger
27th Apr 2013, 08:06

27th Apr 2013, 08:28
miraculously, he suffered no brain damage whatsoever.

Missed both cells, then.


27th Apr 2013, 09:47
Could have been a contender for a Darwin Award!

Milo Minderbinder
27th Apr 2013, 09:52
he wasn't totally unscathed - he lost an eye.
The queer thing in the version I read was that he didn't attempt to go to hospital. He only eventually went next day when his neighbours bullied / persuaded him that it might be a good idea....

tony draper
27th Apr 2013, 10:15
I read somewhere that a sharp implement pushed into the brain is like a knitting needle thrust through a ball of wool the wool just parts letting it through, same wi the brain, the squiggy bits just move aside like the strands of wool.
That's why I always use a .45.:E

Milo Minderbinder
27th Apr 2013, 11:32

you're saying you've shot yourself in the head with a .45 multiple times?