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Milo Minderbinder
26th Apr 2013, 17:57
The Record for Friday, April 19, 2013 | Steamboat Pilot & Today (http://www.steamboattoday.com/news/2013/apr/20/record-friday-april-19-2013/)

10:05 p.m. Police received a call from a woman who said her juvenile granddaughter was at the ski area last week and ran into a person who was selling bags of what she thought were portobello mushrooms dipped in chocolate for $30. Police said the granddaughter further informed her grandmother that giraffes were chasing her down the hill after she ate the mushrooms.

26th Apr 2013, 18:03

No news which comes out of Colorado will ever surprise me. Although a very nice state environmental-wise, there are awful lot of kooks there. Must be the altitude i.e, rarefied air.

26th Apr 2013, 18:15
I reckon it's the giraffe poop contaminating the water supply;)

only been to Colorado once, ferrying a Cranwell painted JP. I reckon if anyone saw me barreling down Wolf Creek Pass at 10,000' amsl and 10' agl, he probably though he'd eaten too many mushrooms.

26th Apr 2013, 19:15
Anyone who rides the Wolf Creek Pass might as well be on magic weed. The same could be said of the Bear's Tooth Pass.

The real problem with each is that when you have driven in, you still have to drive out, and the drop is closer.

These are the only roads I have driven, on which to reach the speed limits posted at the bends (i.e., 25 M P H) one (for which at least read "I") would require acceleration, not brakes.

26th Apr 2013, 19:23
One of those few occasions when one is safer in a single engined jet than in a car, it seems.

Milo Minderbinder
26th Apr 2013, 19:44
from the same list

11:34 p.m. Routt County Sheriff’s Office deputies and Oak Creek Police Department officers were called to a disturbance when an intoxicated resident became upset when a bar owner took his keys and wouldn’t let him drive home. Law enforcement gave the man a ride home.

it would seem the police there have a rather benevolent attitude!

26th Apr 2013, 20:28
Probably the altitude. For non Coloradans or anyone who has never flown into Aspen, the procedure turn altitude for the VOR/DME approach is 14,000 feet. One must descend right sharpish, it's 12 miles to the airport which is at 8000 feet. :ooh:

26th Apr 2013, 22:39
Probably the altitude

And for your Chevrolet Caprice 307 cu. in. V-8 2-door hard-top, the same height, give or take an inch.

One difference, though: at such altitude the normally-aspirated V-8 tends, for want of oxygen, to die sporadically; and with it goes the power-steering. We ex-pilots have a word for that condition as the plunge yawns six inches away; we call it disconcerting. This one does, a any rate.

Milo Minderbinder
26th Apr 2013, 22:44
I hope you don't lose the brakes as well....

26th Apr 2013, 22:53
I wish you hadn't added that. In fact, I did, but memory had drawn a veil over the horror. Actually the brakes do still work, but you have to press really hard; and trust me on this, on either of those Passes, you do. The expression "pedal to the metal" acquires a whole new poetry.

27th Apr 2013, 02:20
Aaaah, the Wolf Creek Pass, I took it Northbound, coming from Durango and heading up to Boulder.
Unfortunately I was in the car then, I would love to do it on my beemer... some day!

Nervous SLF
27th Apr 2013, 02:28
Talking of strange things - a Lot of strange persons abide on a small island called Portsea on the south coast of England.

27th Apr 2013, 05:02
I would love to do it on my beemer... some day!

I suppose so, if you must;..............

but your true hero, the man with nerves of steel, or maybe no nerves at all, is not the test pilot, not the pilot of the Bell X-1, not any but the man who drives the Wolf Creek Pass in a fully-loaded many-wheeled "Semi".

There is not even a tiny barrier betwixt driver and Eternity, for Heavens' sake! and someone must flip the edge! Someone just must.