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26th Apr 2013, 16:05
A supermarket chain has withdrawn bags of nuts - after failing to declare they may contain peanuts.

The Food Standards Agency issued an allergy alert saying the presence of peanuts was not declared on Booths' own brand packets of monkey nuts.

The supermarket has removed 300 packets of 350g Whole Hearted Roasted Monkey Nuts from its shelves.

Booths has apologised and warned customers with a peanut allergy not to consume the product.

Booths technical manager Waheed Hassan said: "It is our responsibility as retailers to accurately record allergy advice.

"In this instance, we felt a responsibility to recall the product and issue a notice to our customers who might suffer from a specific peanut allergy."

The term 'monkey nuts' describes peanuts with the shell or pod intact. Packets affected are marked with the best before date 12 July 2013.

In a statement, the supermarket said it had identified the labelling error and issued a warning to customers.

"If you have an allergy to peanuts, please do not consume this product and return it to your local store for a full refund.

"No other products are affected by this issue and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused."

Booths has 29 stores across the North of England in Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire as well as one in Greater Manchester.

According to Allergy UK, peanut and tree nut allergy is the most common food allergy in adults and children.

Although the majority of peanut allergies are mild, some reactions can be severe causing difficulty in breathing due to asthma or throat swelling, or a drop in blood pressure.

26th Apr 2013, 16:07
They castrate monkeys and put their nuts in a bag? How barbaric.

26th Apr 2013, 16:15
Then you get the loaf of bread that states that "during manufacture it might have come within 100 yards of a nut" or something daft like that.

My wife has an allergy to nuts. she keeps telling me to take put mine away :sad:
Sorry, tone lowered again...

26th Apr 2013, 16:18
If your Mrs. keeps telling you to put your nuts away maybe you can make a nice profit and have your nuts packaged, like the first post above!!!! Think about it: Funfly's Nuts.

26th Apr 2013, 16:22
Nuts with real flavours (http://www.nobbys.co.uk/).

26th Apr 2013, 16:23
They castrate monkeys and put their nuts in a bag?
Easy peasy compared to gathering moth balls.

26th Apr 2013, 16:25

Which is relatively more difficult then swapping out a mouse's balls!!!

DX Wombat
26th Apr 2013, 16:42