View Full Version : Avalon / Philippine agreement - flow on effect

26th Apr 2013, 02:41
Question for those who are likely to know more.

The Avalon / Philippine agreement that was announced a week ago
which IMHO is good.

Will this mean that more and more international airlines look
at flying into Avalon or does a hidden agenda exist where Avalon
will always be hamstrung.

Secondly, will this mean that the Tulla management might move
faster to get a rail link from Melbourne to Tullamarine ?
I know that in the last couple of years they have shown an
interest but before that not so much.

Would be interested in all of your thoughts.

26th Apr 2013, 05:30
Avalon rail link is currently in planning/design phase with a branch coming off the Geelong line and a station at the terminal.

Tullamarine rail link is possible but the only government commitment is to a study of possible routes. The management probably have no interest in a rail link as it would compete with the skybus, parking and taxi rights. To see how Melbourne airport views low cost public transport find out where you can get on the local 901/478/479/500 bus services (they do go to the airport).

901 to Broadmeadows station thence city (zone 1+2 ticket 2hr), $6 weekdays $3.50 weekends (less for concession/pension).
Skybus to city $17
Taxi to city??

Rail links to either airport are a matter for the state government not the airports themselves.

Jethro Gibbs
26th Apr 2013, 05:43
The airline they look to cebu is banned in the EU thats a real winner for a start just look at all the other plans they have put up for avalon nothing has happened management are dreamers .

26th Apr 2013, 09:40
Philippine Airlines are banned as well yet they fly to Aus quite happily.

I've flown Cebu Pacific heaps. Good airline.

Whether they come to Avalon, who knows, they'll probably just lob at Tulla with everyone else.

1st May 2013, 08:37
Why do people see this as a good thing? Another cheap nasty foreign carrier undermining aussie airlines with the full backing of thr Australian government. It will generate next to no jobs.

thorn bird
2nd May 2013, 03:04
Bit harsh Brissy,
Same could be said in the Philippines about them allowing QANTAS to operate there.

2nd May 2013, 05:19
The Tulla rail link CANNOT be built because the State Government would have to pay compensation to city link for doing something that diverts traffic away from it. That clause is in the city link contract.

2nd May 2013, 10:56
I travel with them often from Clark to HKG and return and they are always on time, cabin service is very good ,cabin clean and pilots seem to carry out a professional safe operation.I always get a coffee with them before departure and they are experienced most have worked for other airlines.

Jethro Gibbs
2nd May 2013, 11:09
Give me a break with this might have to write a list of everything that has been touted for Avalon that has never happened .