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WE Branch Fanatic
26th Apr 2002, 23:24
There is absolutely no need for people to worry about the fact that the Sun is destined to go supernova in 7000 million years time. Why do I say this? Well it is for several reasons. It has been
suggested that the future for mankind will be to learn to make other plants like Earth, in other words habitable. This may be part of the future, but there is the possibility that humanity will learn
to control our space environment and stop the Sun from exploding/dying and save out precious beautiful planet. Lets face it, this would be a far better option than abandoning our planet and just becoming space nomads. Technology is advancing all the time, as is our understanding of physics, chemistry, astronomy, and everything else. Things that would have been totally unimaginable even fifty years ago are now an accepted part of everyday life. So it is impossible for people today to say what technology will be like in fifty or a hundred years time, let alone thousands of millions of years. Mankind will find the solutions to these problems, as we have always found solutions to problems in the past. If man had not been able to we would still only occupy certain parts of Africa instead of the entire globe and still living in caves. Humankind will find the solutions. So they
is no need at all for us to worry about or be depressed or upset by this matter. All we need to do is to contribute towards the keeping of peace in the world (by having strong defences) and
continuing technological and scientific progress.

This applies to other environmental/cosmic events.

26th Apr 2002, 23:28
Few realize it, but, our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, our constellations are but atoms in someone elses world.

27th Apr 2002, 01:29
'Tis nothing. Scientists have discovered that the planets' polarity is due to swap ends within the next thousand years or so. Dunno about you, but I ain't waiting around for that to happen.

Feeton Terrafirma
27th Apr 2002, 05:22
So what you are really saying here is that the earth has not hit middle age yet? woooooohoooooooooooo plenty of fun and games to come then!!!!

Kalium Chloride
27th Apr 2002, 08:26
How gutted would you be if you were born a couple of years before it did? :D

Anyway my school physics teacher taught me that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, which therefore makes me about 15 billion years old. :eek:

27th Apr 2002, 09:30
From what I remember of geology, the Earth's polarity, has swopped North/South every few thousand years, on a fairly regular basis.

When this happens next time, presumably the magnetic variation over the UK, will also swop from about +4 degrees to +184 degrees.

Now that should make VFR navigation interesting :D

27th Apr 2002, 10:55
Apparently, it is increasingly believed the shift in the Earth’s polarity is caused by such a change in the Sun’s. The sun is obviously not a rigid and solid planet but a gas body, and it has been determined, apparently (I don’t know how), that the equator is spinning at a higher rate of angular velocity than the poles. This results in the longitudinal magnetic flux density lines becoming stretched like a rubber band further round the equator.
It is this abnormality that, as a constant physical progression with time, can possibly explain the routine cycle of sun-spot activity, with repeats intensity patterns approximately every 11 years. It is also believed that when the longitudinal flux lines are stretched to a point where they cannot maintain themselves they break, reversing the polarity of the sun.
This reverse, again apparently, effects the whole solar system (as you might expect) due to the ionised radiation from the Sun being emitted from different poles. This is one primary hypothesis as to the reversing of the Earth’s poles.

Disturbing though, is the discovery of the ancient Mayan calendar system, which comprised two simultaneously running and interacting charts of time. The first is much like ours with time going forwards, except in ultimate increments of approximately 11 years. The second is called the Mayan Long Count, and charts the progress of time over five epochs, or suns as they call it. It is said to show the time scale between five massive global events that all but destroy mankind. Sounds just like a kids scary bedtime story?
The overall period described by the ‘suns’ is, I can’t remember the number, close to the theoretical time estimated for the Sun’s flux density lines to over stretch themselves, and the this is all sub-divided by the other calendar into 11 year sun-spot intensity cycles. Therefore, it seems the ancient Mayans understood a lot about the Sun’s cycles and possessed tales and stories of the global catastrophes the had gone before.
With the length of the cycle of destruction known, the last polar reversal would tell us when the Mayans’ predict the next one would happen.

The result of studying the Mayan calendar system showed that they believed the next ‘sun’ would end on 23 December, 2012. The fifth sun is the last sun, and that is our sun.

The research is a lot more complicated than that so I suggest, if you’re interested, you read about it. Try:

‘Fingerprints of the Gods’ Graham Hancock
‘From Atlantis to the Sphinx’ Colin Wilson
‘The Mayan Prophecies’ Maurice (something)
‘When the Sky Fell’ Some weird Canadian couple.

27th Apr 2002, 11:09
"There is absolutely no need for people to worry about the fact that the Sun is destined to go supernova in 7000 million years time."


Because none of us will be here to see it, matey!!:D

Except Cliff Richard:confused:

27th Apr 2002, 11:27
....but when/if the earth's polarity does change, would'nt it be just be a simple matter of replaceing magnetic north with magnetic south....?:confused:

Reprint all the charts and change all the databases?

"Bearing 225 with reference to magnetic south"?

Or is it not a simple as that?

Feeton Terrafirma
27th Apr 2002, 11:46
I'm prepared for the change of the magnetic poles!!


:D :D :D :D

Jolly Hockeysticks
27th Apr 2002, 13:31
If the poles swap over, will that mean Europe is dunnunda?:eek:

27th Apr 2002, 13:50
The sun explaination sounds a complete load of [email protected] if you'll forgive me.

Our 'North Pole' is effectively an aggregate of ( from memory ) fourteen identifiable poles, created via the magnetohydrodynamic interaction of the solid and more or less fluid Fe rich cores beneath our feet.

There may well be navigation probs come the next reversal, however there is plenty of evidence that life on earth is able to go about its' business in either state, the interesting question is 'How do you navigate when the field is non-existant, or at least very low?'

A good point to bear in mind is that opposite poles attract, therefore our compass north pole will be attracted to point at the north pole ... errrr ? That's why compasses/magnets have a 'North seeking pole' as it is called, in effect we are already living in a period of reversal if you look at it with the right skew to your thinking.


PS I'm particularly chuffed to have got 'Magnetohydrodynamic' into what nearly counts as conversation, excellent word that.

PPS Edited for spooling - twice now!

tony draper
27th Apr 2002, 14:14
One hates to be pedantic here, but as far as one recals our sun only being a humble orange G type star has inssufucient mass to go supernova.
Dinky little suns like our will only achieve Nova status, when sol runs out of hydrogen to fuse into helium it will begin to fuse helium into carbon,when poor sun runs out of helium, the temperature and pressure will not be high enough to fuse carbon into iron, so poor Sol will swell up to the size of Jupiters orbit, incinerating earth and the rest of the inner planets, remain as a small red giant for a few years then gutter out into a frozen brown dwarf.
Err as far as I remember that is.:rolleyes:

PS, One shouldn't feel to bad about this, Drapers generation was the last one that had evolved, since then humans have been devolving at a rate of notts, the evidence for this is all around you, look at any body under forty and you can see they belong back in the tree's.
By Nova time our decendants will alll be working for the cockroaches, who will evolve past us in a few million years at our present rate of devolution.

"Back to work you filthy two legger"


"feckin humans"

27th Apr 2002, 14:33
Your correct Drapes but the sun will become a white dwarf.

If I were you lot Id start listenin to the dolphins for a change.

WE Branch Fanatic
27th Apr 2002, 15:14
The point is (or at least mine was) not to worry. Technology will develop in ways we can't imagine, as will our understanding of Science etc.

Assuming the morons don't take over society.

A few months ago I read in a paper a proposal to move the Earth using nuclear weapons.

27th Apr 2002, 21:20
Don't Worry! don't worry! The earth will be sucked into oblivion in only 7 million years time and you tell us not to worry! we have to find ways of reducing our home comforts so that this terrible event will not happen! Think of the Children!

Still could be worse. I heard of a planet that was involved in a game of Intergalactic Billiards. Got potted straight into a black hole. only got 4 points as well.

respect to the Late Douglas Adams. RIP