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Sailor Vee
24th Apr 2013, 19:07
So Suarez is given a 10 match ban for biting an opponent.

This guy needs psychiatric help, especially as it's a repeat offence. Will Liverpool be able to sell him, and if so, would the ban be carried on to a foreign country?

24th Apr 2013, 19:26
They should get him help, it's not normal to behave like that even if in a moment of anger on the pitch. That said, even though they should get rid of him asap, his worth to them is enough to keep him in the team.


24th Apr 2013, 19:35
This is the second time in three seasons that he has got himself a substantial ban...and at the business end of the season where Liverpool are clinging to hopes of European football next season. He is a fabulous player, but a disgrace to the club in terms of behaviour.

No doubt some other club will still offer big money to take him...but he owes Liverpool now. IF they decide to hold onto him, he owes the club and the fans a big change in temperament. Can he be treated for this? And if so, will he be the same player?

Personally, much as I love him as a player, I think it's time to let him move on.

24th Apr 2013, 20:09
Liverpool used to be managed by Sammy Lee, now it appears they managed by Christopher Lee................

If Suarez had been offered a 3 match ban before the game he would bite your hand off for the offer.................

Suarez now has new twitter fans in Mike Tyson and Dracula.................

Suarez likely to be back playing for Liverpool just in time for Halloween..............oh dear

Sir George Cayley
24th Apr 2013, 20:27
I've long since given up interest in football as a 'sport'. I don't know what it is now but what ever it has become everything about it is wrong, oh so wrong.

The things they count important I can't understand.


24th Apr 2013, 20:39
The "Glorious Game"... yeah, right! There's nothing glorious about footie; just a bunch of rich kids who have no idea about people skills!

Hussar 54
24th Apr 2013, 21:07
With those teeth, the poor guy actually looks like a rat anyway....

I think if I was the Chelski player, I would have had an anti-rabies vaccination by now....

west lakes
24th Apr 2013, 21:13
So if any of us bit someone we would stand a good chance of being arrested and possibly prosecuted for assault
So is he above the law? Should he not be arrested and charged or would that upset too many folk in important positions. Of course if carried through to the ultimate would it not put his work permit at risk and render him liable to deportation?

24th Apr 2013, 21:23
This guy needs psychiatric help, especially as it's a repeat offence. Will
Liverpool be able to sell him, and if so, would the ban be carried on to a
foreign country?

According to FIFA rules (ITN or BBC news) yes the ban would still apply if he went to another country so any team interested in buying him could not play him till next season. Assuming LFC want to sell him on.

24th Apr 2013, 22:06
ISTR Suarez had only served 4 of his 7 game ban for biting when he signed for Liverpool, but the ban wasn't carried over to here.

West Lakes - police did interview the Chelsea Player but he declined to press charges so no action can be taken.

Personally, don't think a 10 game ban is going to make much difference to Suarez's behaviour. The 7 match ban for the previous biting offence clearly didn't.

24th Apr 2013, 23:01
It has been sung before...

Mikado - My Object All Sublime - YouTube


24th Apr 2013, 23:13
Clearly, money is the only thing that matters to the Liverpool owners, and winning the only thing that matters to their fans.

One wonders if any other club would be different.

24th Apr 2013, 23:16
and winning the only thing that matters to their fans.

Everybody wants a bite at the cherry.

In truth I hate football...

Give me rugby any day...


Milo Minderbinder
24th Apr 2013, 23:35
lock him in a sty for a day with dozen or so hungry pigs
then he'll understand what bites are

Nervous SLF
25th Apr 2013, 02:19
Biting during a game of Rugby

South African prop Johan Le Roux (http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Johan_Le_Roux&action=edit&redlink=1) bit New Zealand hooker Sean Fitzpatrick (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sean_Fitzpatrick)'s ear during a scrum during a test in 1994, receiving an 18 month ban.[9] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerous_play_in_rugby_union#cite_note-Hew-9) After the disciplinary hearing he stated that "For an 18-month suspension, I feel I probably should have torn it off". Kevin Yates (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Yates), an English international, was cited for foul play in 1998 by London Scottish (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Scottish_F.C.) after a player suffered a serious injury to his left ear[14] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerous_play_in_rugby_union#cite_note-14) and subsequently received a six month ban.[15] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerous_play_in_rugby_union#cite_note-15) In 2008 an English club player was banned for eighty weeks following a biting incident that left a player with "a partial amputation of the right index finger".[16] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerous_play_in_rugby_union#cite_note-16) A Welsh club rugby player was jailed for a year in 2008 for biting an opponents earlobe off.[17] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerous_play_in_rugby_union#cite_note-17) After a scuffle during a 2009 rugby match in the Cape Town (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Town) suburb of Brackenfell (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brackenfell), a player had to have his fingertip reattached after an alleged biting incident.[18] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerous_play_in_rugby_union#cite_note-18)

Punching and Fighting during a game of Rugby

During the 1974 Lions tour to South Africa captain Willie McBride (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willie_McBride) devised a plan where on a set call (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/99_call) every player would attack a South African player, reasoning that this would prevent the referee form penalising any one individual, as he could not send the whole team off.[9] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerous_play_in_rugby_union#cite_note-Hew-9) After French fullback Serge Blanco (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serge_Blanco) was bumped after taking a mark by Englishman Nigel Heslop (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigel_Heslop) during the 1991 Rugby World Cup quarter-final, flanker Éric Champ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89ric_Champ) knocked Heslop out with a punch.[9] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerous_play_in_rugby_union#cite_note-Hew-9) In 1990 English lock Paul Ackford (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Ackford) was unexpectedly hit by a haymaker from Argintine prop Federico Mendez (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federico_Mendez) after being mistaken for another player who made contact with Mendezes head.[9] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerous_play_in_rugby_union#cite_note-Hew-9) During the British and Irish Lions (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_and_Irish_Lions) 2001 tour match against Australian state side the New South Wales Waratahs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_South_Wales_Waratahs), fullback Duncan McRae (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duncan_McRae_%28rugby%29) punched Lions Fly half (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fly_half) Ronan O'Gara (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronan_O%27Gara) multiple times as he lay prone on the ground.[9] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerous_play_in_rugby_union#cite_note-Hew-9) He received a red card and subsequent seven week ban for the offence, although as it occurred during the Australian off-season (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Off-season) he didn't miss any games. In 2009 at a rugby derby involving two of Romania's top teams a mass brawl broke out involving most of the players and reportedly a few spectators.[10] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerous_play_in_rugby_union#cite_note-10) Two players received a red card at the time and nine players were late suspended by the Romanian Rugby Federation.

Krystal n chips
25th Apr 2013, 05:57
This ten match ban....does he still get paid even though he isn't playing,to use the term in the a very loose sense of the word....or is there some "Act of God "clause in the contract which would ensure minimal financial loss to him.

Liverpool did themselves no favours with the "shocked and dismayed" reaction....there again, football clubs and players have a different set of perspectives, as do the fans, to the thinking of those of us who can see through the sham the game is.

The "Beautiful Game"....really ??....

25th Apr 2013, 05:58
Caco please don't dare make out Rugby is in any way superior when it comes to Football in the 'Played by Gentlemen" arena.

Just go Google:
Punching and Fighting
Stamping and kicking
Dangerous Tackles (Spear Tackles - what else is that designed to do but break someones neck)

The fans, yes I admit that as someone who lives a mile from Twickenham, that on the whole they are much better behaved and friendlier than the average pack mentality of Football fans.

25th Apr 2013, 06:02
Make him play in a muzzle. Simples. :)

Flap 5
25th Apr 2013, 06:44
The biting incident was very peculiar and Suarez deserves a stiff punishment. I was surprised at the attitude on Radio 5 Live with the sports presenter expressing astonishment that his punishment was more than for the racial abuse to Evera. How can such abuse be worse than a physical assault? This is where the media are treading on dangerous ground, trying to push an agenda.

P6 Driver
25th Apr 2013, 07:13
Money talks, and in football of this level, it will always call the shots. The club (IMO) issued an "apology" and announced a fine (how much though?) in a desperate attempt to off-set the anticipated FA ban - it doesn't appear to have worked.

On a more basic level, I'd like to see the FA introduce a five-minute "sin bin" for each yellow card issued and we would see the huge amount of bookings reduced as teams could have many players off the field at any one time.

Managers could enforce more discipline within their teams, but are afraid to cut out the diving, pretend injuries and cheating endemic in football as they would lose their jobs for doing so.

25th Apr 2013, 07:25
So a deliberate over the ball tackle that breaks someones leg (http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2008/sep/17/newcastleunited.premierleague1) gets a 3 match ban, and a bite that doesn't break the skin gets 10?

25th Apr 2013, 07:37
From Tuesdays DT...


25th Apr 2013, 07:38
Quite right ORAC.

It is the Northern Europe PC brigade who were baying for a heavy sanction, as spitting/biting is perceived to be a heinous and abhorrent act in society in that part of the World, whereas in other parts, particularly Latin America, it is not.

The sentence handed out portrays just this. Also he has to a great extent been tried and found guilty in a kangaroo court by the UK media.

Whilst I do not condone what Suarez did in any way, the punishment from the blazer boys at the FA is way over the top and shows their blinkered and biased mind sets and views.

25th Apr 2013, 07:45
This guy needs psychiatric help, especially as it's a repeat offence. Will Liverpool be able to sell him, and if so, would the ban be carried on to a foreign country?

Don't think so. Didn't Joey barton go to Marseille after he got his twelve match ban at the end of last season?

Alloa Akbar
25th Apr 2013, 08:12
Didn't take long for the "Rugby for gentlemen" drivel to kick in as usual.. :rolleyes:

ExRAF - average pack mentality of Football fans. Been to a top flight game lately?

I would agree that you don't usually see large groups of rugby fans chanting and singing together, however, you should listen to some of the football chants these days.. absolutely bloody hilarious.. pack mentality - Possibly, funny as hell - Definitely :ok:

Nervous SLF
25th Apr 2013, 08:15
Yes Joey Barton did go to France but he couldn't play until his ban for 12 games was finished.

25th Apr 2013, 08:21
Perhaps this is the solution?

http://i1340.photobucket.com/albums/o738/HaroldEdward/2m6qvxy_zpsba51d0fd.jpg (http://s1340.photobucket.com/user/HaroldEdward/media/2m6qvxy_zpsba51d0fd.jpg.html)

Alloa Akbar
25th Apr 2013, 09:03
At least Patrice Evra, who was racially abused by Suarez got his own back on live TV on Monday night..


25th Apr 2013, 09:53
Very Mature...

25th Apr 2013, 09:57
Yes Joey Barton did go to France but he couldn't play until his ban for 12 games was finished.

He is never far from making an arse of himself.......

Joey Barton says that the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, who died aged 87, was "an old witch" who would not have "a place in paradise".
"I could say ‘rest in peace Maggie’, but it wouldn’t be true. If paradise exists, there wouldn’t be a place for that old witch there", the English Olympique de Marseille player wrote on Twitter.

Never far from controversy, Barton was also in the news last week for branding PSG’s Brazilian defender, Thiago Silva as an “overweight transsexual”.

B Fraser
25th Apr 2013, 10:09
Mr Akbar Sir..... There was a very funny chant at QPR for the Korean Park Ji-Sung that was sung to the tune of "Lord of the Dance"

"Park, Park, wherever you may be,
You eat dogs in your home country,
Could be worse, could be Scouse,
Eating rats in your council house."

Does anyone have any other worthy ditties ?

25th Apr 2013, 11:25
For the same player:

He'll shoot,
He'll score
He'll eat your Labrador
Park Ji Sung, Park Ji Sung.

Alloa Akbar
25th Apr 2013, 12:31
Stoke City V Chelsea start of the 2011-12 season..

"You're just a town full of looters"

And North of the border during the early 80's during the Maze Prison hunger strikes, from Rangers towards Celtic to the tune of "She'll be coming round the mountain.." "Do you want a chicken supper Bobby Sands?"

Very Mature... And funny :ok:

25th Apr 2013, 12:31
Maradona ........................Hand of God

Suarez..................................Hand of Anybody.....................course he could play for Harlequins and fake a blood injury.

25th Apr 2013, 14:15

25th Apr 2013, 18:22
Alloa Akbar (http://www.pprune.org/members/193874-alloa-akbar) - I see your point.

I personally like nothing better than a bit of historical irony with a dash of clever lyrics but the arm eating thing was just, like, SO made up by someone else that all it did was prove that the knob doing it for the camera is just that.

A knob. Not a black knob, or a maltreated knob.

Just an ignorant, immature knob.

25th Apr 2013, 19:07
Caco, Rugby is not THAT innocent

SLF, rugby just has a better class of thug than your average football team!

My disdain, nay contempt, for football is probably quite irrational but like all blind spots I just can't see that! ;)


25th Apr 2013, 19:53
Prior to the Heysel stadium disaster, I was a very committed football fan. That event caused me to turn my back on the sport forever; largely through the attitude of English supporters at the scene, those associated with the club, and locals who thought little of the events as they unfolded. Since then, nothing associated with the game has remotely persuaded me to resume my enthusiasm. But then times move on, and younger ones look at me blankly if I tediously recall my reasons.

The supposed beautiful game is not a shadow of that which I grew up with. Let aside money, corruptness, bad behaviour and poor example to youngsters, what of the game itself and supporting one's lcal side? LOCAL? As I mention to other misguided mates in the pub, with teams made up largely of immigrants (not illegal, but spuriously financed?), unfamiliar with our language, strange names, and with no empathy whatsoever towards their town, how can you be so animated? The answer is a doughnut. They still cheer, snarl, and endlessly analyse the match outcome, much to our endless boredome, even though the closest they've ever been to a live match is via the Sunday paper or Sky!


Victor Inox
25th Apr 2013, 19:57
Apparently both Suarez himself and Liverpool FC seem to think this is a great time to reinforce most people's perception that soccer is the domain of brainless morons.

They are "shocked and disappointed" in response to a 10-match ban. What do you expect when your first identical offence was a 7-match ban? It's hardly going to be less, is it? FFS:ugh: