View Full Version : Eric T Cartman Has Left The Building

22nd Apr 2013, 11:23
With a successful night shift (spent asleep on the rest room floor) completed, his last aircraft controlled (Ryanair to Dublin, quelle surprise !!), and a little farewell surprise from pilot, ATC, Airfield Ops, and the Airport Fire Service friends and colleagues, our esteemed PPRuNer, Eric T Cartman has hung up his headset and joined the ranks of the retired.

On leaving the building, he was forced in to a seaplane and taken for a quick spin over his home before returning to a salute from the firemen.

Please join me in wishing him a long, happy, and healthy retirement. Please also join me in wishing Cleo good luck as he'll no doubt be in the way and causing her OAP traumas from now on :p

Sincere good wishes to a true gentleman !!


Not plugged in, cup of tea in hand. There's some things ETC won't need to change much in his retirement !!


Did someone order a taxi for a Mr ETC ?


But where's the First Class cabin ?


Showers forecast in the vicinty !!


Only ducks would fly in such heavy rain !!

22nd Apr 2013, 11:29
What a great send off! Good luck in your retirement :ok:


22nd Apr 2013, 11:46
Enjoy retirement ETC, great send off :)
Well done all who made "Eric's" last day a good'un. :ok:

Thanks 10W for posting. :D

22nd Apr 2013, 11:57
Is there a cat (http://tmdg.co.uk/humour/catandduck.php) in that cockpit as well? :)

22nd Apr 2013, 12:36
Not all 10W - he's already booked into the Miele School of Domestic Harmony.

Week 1 - Dishwasher - loading, operating and unloading
Week 2 - Washing Machine Proficiency
Week 3 - Floor Maintenance, carpet and hard surface
Week 4 - How to Locate Your Cooking Equipment

You get the picture.................:cool:

Lon More
22nd Apr 2013, 17:58
Long may you enjoy it

DX Wombat
22nd Apr 2013, 18:16
Welcome to the club Eric. :D You will soon start to wonder how you ever had any time to go to work. ;) Especially with the list Cleo has prepared :E Have a wonderful retirement. What a great send off :ok: a trip in G-DRAM is on my wish list.

PPRuNe Pop
22nd Apr 2013, 19:08
I knew your retirement was imminent. mate but not THAT soon.

Anyway we give you both our kind of best wishes so that you can now enjoy the day you have waited for - for so long.

No doubt you will find your way darn saif and we can have a celebration then.

Good on 10W to make the day a noted one.


D & J

Eric T Cartman
22nd Apr 2013, 20:10
Thanks very much for that Mr.D - I'll have plenty of time to visit 'the smoke' now ;-) Rest assured C & I will call on you next time down. Best wishes to you both. DJM.

22nd Apr 2013, 20:16
Retirement is OK.....validation is easy peasy, but the shifts are a bit long.