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Eastwest Loco
22nd Apr 2013, 02:20
Hi folks

Just heard UA840 MEL SYD LAX has been cancelled due allegedly to structural damage.

Anyone know any more?

Travel press (yeah - them!!:rolleyes:) mention silmilar happened on Saturday.

You would know we have a family of 5 on the aeroplane today:ugh:

Now wonder we drink

Best all


22nd Apr 2013, 02:37
It's on the front page of the newspapers. The Herald sun web site for one.

According to the media, it rolled into the walkway at the gate and
has a 40cm hole in it (the wing).

22nd Apr 2013, 03:35
From The Age (including grainy pic).
Aviation authorities are investigating after a United Airlines plane overshot a parking bay and collided with an aerobridge at Melbourne Airport.
The incident on Monday morning has put the aerobridge, used to connect aircraft to terminals, out of action.
A Melbourne Airport spokeswoman there were no injuries to passengers. Stairs were used in place of the aerobridge.
She said the airport was investigating and would also work with authorities to assist their investigations.
United Airlines has been contacted for comment.
More to come

Read more: United Airlines plane hits aerobridge (http://www.theage.com.au/travel/travel-incidents/plane-crashes-in-parking-bay-20130422-2i9oy.html#ixzz2R9xdVheG)

Eastwest Loco
22nd Apr 2013, 03:44

News starting to appear now.

Family reaccommodated tomorrow on NZ and put up overnight.

The Mother was saying there was a similar incident on Saturday. Might indicate Supercheap Auto is doing the brake contract!!!:}

Best all


Captain Dart
22nd Apr 2013, 06:27
Might be a problem with the MEL docking guidance or aerobridge. I have had 20 minute delays disembarking pax due to Melbourne Airport's 'supercheap' aerobridges not working, particularly the newer internationals. Had the bizarre sight of the aerobridge cab right in front of the aircraft pointing directly at the cockpit once as we 'turned on'.

Never have the problem elsewhere, including India, China...except one fell over in Hong Kong recently!

They are pretty fast getting the landing and blocks time at MEL though, presumably for the handling bill.

my oleo is extended
22nd Apr 2013, 07:35
Slight drift on a related topic, the one in Hong Kong a fortnight ago was a complete collapse. Caused a lot of damage to the aircraft as well. Preliminary results indicate it was caused by a modification of new/additional aircon packs being added below the aerobridge structure! A post certification add on.
There has also been a growing number of fuselage skin punctures by aerobridge canopies with protruding bolts/nuts where components of the canopy and/or rubbers have worn away and exposed the naughty bits of metal which don't play well with aircraft skins! This is a particular issue for aerodromes in locations that receive a lot of UV and harsh weather.

Captain Dart
22nd Apr 2013, 07:45
Yes, it took out the adjacent bridge as well. Damned lucky nobody was killed.

22nd Apr 2013, 10:55
An engineer mate told me NIGs was set to an A330 not the 747...

22nd Apr 2013, 11:02
That would answer a lot of questions, no doubt the logs will be scrutinised...

piston broke again
22nd Apr 2013, 12:51
Been there plenty of times (ok...2) when the NIGS has been set for us and then shutdown only to have to be towed forward because the L1 door couldn't open fully. And I'm talking about a good few feet for the 'correct' aircraft type. This is the total opposite so I'd be guessing possibly incorrect aircraft type set but I'm only speculating. Glad to see all are safe.

22nd Apr 2013, 14:28
The Guidance system at MEL indicates to the pilot what type is set in the system.:confused:
I always check that on the taxi in.:hmm:

22nd Apr 2013, 14:33
Another photo in this article of the bridge in contact with the wing.

Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun (http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/inqury-launched-into-united-airlines-jet-aerobridge-crash-at-tullamarine/story-e6frf7jo-1226626217379)

23rd Apr 2013, 06:53
What is wrong with Gaffa Tape for only 1 flight back home?