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21st Apr 2013, 15:13
Came across a friend I have not seen since 1970, and we were talking about people in our class. I asked about one person, and the reply "Oh, you mean the one who used to fill a syringe with spit and squirt it at people?" Yes, it was, I remembered his gamewhen she mentioned it, but I thought what an impact that game must have had on people to be remembered by it.

I believe he was one of the 49'ers from things his father said, but although I knew his father well (best doctor there was in Zambia and SA, despite some challenges and hiccups in his life. Fantastic person) I have never been in contact with him.

I wonder if I ever did anything that people remember me for, I have my doubts :)

Milo Minderbinder
21st Apr 2013, 15:27
"I believe he was one of the 49'ers from things his father said"

whats that then? His IQ rating?
anyone in my school who syringed spit at people would be best remembered for a broken nose and black eyes

21st Apr 2013, 15:36
"I believe he was one of the 49'ers from things his father said"

Assuming that he wasn't a gold miner, or a quarterback, he was most likely one of the 49 pilots having a long winded dispute with some Asian airline these last years :8

As far as being remembered, most of us live unremarkable lives but you never know if something you did or said has touched someone else's life positively, so who's to say ?


21st Apr 2013, 16:41
Yes, he flew for CP.

Nice to see people making a stand against companies who think they can walk all over their staff at will.

21st Apr 2013, 18:50
Thirty years after I came to Canada I was walking along Princes Street in Edinburgh. Bumped into a lawyer I used to meet in the Sheriff Court.

He nodded, all casual-like, "Hullo!".

I said: "Hullo!".

I realised with total clarity he had never even noticed my absence in the thirty years.

21st Apr 2013, 18:55
I believe he was one of the 49'ers

Slightly nearer the Greenwich meridian, there were the famous BA '42'.

21st Apr 2013, 20:14
Yes, happens like that Mr D.

Seven years after emigrating I was visiting Portobello Road where I used to live. Seeing the hardware store I thought I'd nip in and pick up something I couldn't get in Canada. I was served by some 'new' kid. Just as it arrived at the counter a chap comes round the corner and says

"OK Mr VJ? Shall I put that on your account?"

I thought it unfair to say yes!

22nd Apr 2013, 01:48
Yes in return, Chris. Thanks for the memory. You know, without naming anyone who may qualify what I am about to commit to JB, I find it pleasant to have a pleasant exchange with another PPruNester from sea to shining sea, or even across the Ocean, without either attempting to score over or wind-up the other. Oh, just put me down as having no sense of humour.