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Milo Minderbinder
21st Apr 2013, 13:09
Durex Fundawear!

21st Apr 2013, 13:30


21st Apr 2013, 13:51

Like poor Polonius, spiked while eavesdropping from behind a curtain by the nervous, stressed and soliloquizing Hamlet, slightly more modern folk soon may find them selves "stabbed in the arras", or something similar, from a distant calling code... when least expecting it.

Brings whole new context to the concept of "wrong number".

Teledildonics is now on the March, coming on like Springtime ants, really!

Twil be not so very long before classy cereals and such-like may elicit higher margins by including simply fascinating wi-fi techie toys for the big-folk in unmarked brown packets boxed along with the muessli.

The mind boggles that such an ancient snarking fictive prospect now soon will be actually coming on for real -- as likely will many other bits & things for furbishing the kit, etc.


21st Apr 2013, 14:14
Brilliant ..... but was this first announced on 01APR by any chance?

Milo Minderbinder
21st Apr 2013, 14:20
Capetonian - no
its three days old, thats all. Its real

21st Apr 2013, 14:40
The technology to do this cheaply has been around for about 3 years. Wish I'd thought of it.
The genie is now out of the bottle...............

21st Apr 2013, 15:45
Wish I'd thought of it...
The genie is now out of the bottle...

Well, even the tail of the market will be simply MASSIVE, so there's likely plenty potential to get your share when coming up from behind.

Given the width and breadth of the numerous targets of opportunity, there will be formidable difficulty for any one player to achieve major geographic penetration without giant expense and distraction from the essential core penetration that premium clients desire. Opportunity awaits small entities working with considerable focus, prep and skill softening up accessible channels through various innovative marketing methods. It might really be a fun adventure worth a shot even now, 3 days on.

Clearly one needs to select a very special niche, or two, for initial engagement and full creative focus while seeking to achieve a quick, clean, efficient and durably competitive entry, lest the big-venture competition simply shove a lot of product into the market, at whatever cost, and then wait for the little players to tire out and lose their access to the gateway portals.

As always, the keys to success likely are sustained marketing pressure, early penetration of rapidly-evolving opportunities and windows, and persistently pro-active customer servicing... done always with a smile and a handshake, where appropriate.


Milo Minderbinder
21st Apr 2013, 16:02
with the emphasis on massive penetration I take it?
how about a dual-use 4G dildaphone? You'd probably need a bluetooth headset with it

21st Apr 2013, 16:10
dual-use 4G dildaphone? You'd probably need a bluetooth headset with it

When this catches on, there'll probably be a few special cell bands set aside for specific needs. 4GY, etc. seems like a distinct possibility.

21st Apr 2013, 16:49
One suspects the ebook sequel to '50 shades...' will come with a pre-programmed set of undies. Who could beat that?