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Milo Minderbinder
20th Apr 2013, 17:05
New app helps Icelanders avoid accidental incest - Salon.com (http://www.salon.com/2013/04/18/new_app_helps_icelanders_avoid_accidental_incest_ap/)

If you're Icelandic, a large proportion of the female population just went off-limits

20th Apr 2013, 17:16
I suppose in Norfolk it would be considered a dating app.


sled dog
20th Apr 2013, 17:17
" What happens in the family, stays in the family "........
It is all relatively boring anyway. :E

20th Apr 2013, 18:30
...or even 'relative boring'.

20th Apr 2013, 18:45
Mrs OFSO, formerly of Jersey (CI), says the app is also needed there, as it is an island where the motto was "Incest is Best".

20th Apr 2013, 18:50
Or as a friend of mine used to say "rolling your own"....

20th Apr 2013, 19:40
Nowt wrong with incest as long as you keep it in the family.

20th Apr 2013, 19:45
The game the whole family can play.

Reminds me of the dorpies (villages) in the Karoo where two surnames (often Van de Merwe and Adonis) cover 99% of the population.

Lon More
20th Apr 2013, 20:20
wo surnames (often Van de Merwe and Adonis) cover 99% of the population

also in the Biblical sense it would seem

20th Apr 2013, 20:25
The original story misses the point entirely. Icelanders do NOT have family names.

Sigurd will have a son maybe named Stefan Sigurdson.

Stefan will have a son named Arnar Stefanson.

Anar will have a son named, maybe, Sigurd Anarson.

In other words, the second name is based on the given name of the father.

Similarly, I think that daughters are named for their mothers, Helga Sissydotr.

then XXX Helgadotr.

A story: Years ago a distant cousin of mine was in Iceland on business. He had some free time and wanted to look up the parents of his friend from uni. Of course the father's second name was completely unlike that of the son my cousin knew.

So he asked the police for help. It took a couple of hours for them to work out the genealogy and the family who had a son who went to uni in the USA.

During the wait, they entertained my cousin with details of "the" automobile accident ... which had happened the previous year,

Quiet place.


Milo Minderbinder
20th Apr 2013, 20:28
"XXX Helgadotr"

was she a film "actress"? Sounds like someone we'd like to see photos of

20th Apr 2013, 20:32

a search for Helga brings up this...

...don't think Cherie will be pleased with Tony :ouch:

20th Apr 2013, 20:38
Avoids relative humidity, that's the sweat you break into when you realise that the hot blonde you shagged last night is your cousin.

20th Apr 2013, 21:26
Avoids relative humidity, that's the sweat you break into when you realise that the hot blonde you shagged last night is your cousin.

Yeah but if in the spirit of Björkeback Mountain then probably then no issue.

yeah got the hat coat etc

SMT Member
20th Apr 2013, 21:50
then XXX Helgadotr.

Or, more correctly, Helgadottir.

First appearance of an Icelandic grammar nazi, I believe.

20th Apr 2013, 21:52
Incest is a family affair.

20th Apr 2013, 21:57
Being anti-Nazi, may I point out the original mistake (which I would otherwise have let slide), that the Icelandic naming convention is solely patronymic.

Thus Helga Anardottir.

Fox3 - Nordic language & diplomacy Officer, Norped 82 Expedition.

så her er vi, på en fyllefest igjen!! ;)

Milo Minderbinder
20th Apr 2013, 21:59
so how do you explain the name of someone like Sally Magnusson? She's not a tranny surely?

20th Apr 2013, 22:00
Norped...................what last part of Ped ?

20th Apr 2013, 22:05
Milo - especially on emigration, the second name was adopted as a fixed surname to fit with the new country's system.

Norped was a contraction of NORwegian exPEDition. Ranulph Fiennes was on the first one. One month in the Jotenheim shinning up glaciers.

Milo Minderbinder
20th Apr 2013, 22:08
Urban Dictionary: NORP (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=NORP)

Acronym for "Normal Ordinary Respectable Person." Used as a pejorative by those who consider themselves part of the counterculture.
"This party happens once a year and he won't even call in sick. Says his wife wouldn't approve. What a NORP!"

2. norp
Secret code for porn. Used when discussing in public or whenever deemed nessecary.
"Dude, that was some killer norp you had."
"Yeah man, your mum made all the difference."

3. norp
see pron
miss-spelling used by underage guys to hide directories containing porn.
check out my norp directory

4. Norp
Nerdfighter abbreviation. Means Not Offended by Rude People
"I'm so NORP, that comment didn't even phase me."

5. Norp
To prod with a stick,i.e. norping stick.
Norper-Someone who norps.
Norped-To have been prodded with a norping stick.
Mike Philpott-A norper.
I am going to norp you.
Stop it you norper.
Oh no! I have been norped.

20th Apr 2013, 22:13
#5 would be closest, except the prodding would be done with a couple of ice axes.:E


Note: this sissy is doing it without a 100lb+ rucksack on his back - pathetic!

20th Apr 2013, 22:40
Well, at least my terrible errors about "dottir" brought out the people who knew the correct info.

Is 50% a passing grade?


20th Apr 2013, 22:45
31% is a passing grade these days, mate. 50% gets a B+

..me, I'm Oldscool :cool:

20th Apr 2013, 22:46
They need some fresh meat over there. I'm sure we can help.

Or, in my case, I could help entertain the grannies. I can be quite good as a Bingo caller, apparently.

21st Apr 2013, 00:46
the hot blonde you shagged last night is your cousin.

There's nothing worse than finding out at a family reunion
party the cute 20yo chick with huge tits and fantastic arse
you noticed when you arrived is introduced to you by your
Uncle Fred as a 2nd cousin of yours on your mum's side. :(


21st Apr 2013, 00:47

For a pair of mams like that what man wouldn't travel across the Atlantic and cause hell? ;)


21st Apr 2013, 03:05
I was once introduced to one of their old sagas. The hero I remember most, so to speak, clearly was "Snorri Foul Fart". Guess the other guys in the boat had fragrant memories.

West Coast
21st Apr 2013, 05:26
Not enough computing power, never work in Kentucky.

Rwy in Sight
21st Apr 2013, 07:17

I feel your pain, the biggest assets I saw on a lady recently belong to a 4th cousin from my mum's side.

Rwy in Sight

21st Apr 2013, 09:34
Kissin' cousins, not only in Kentucky.

In Pakistan and the Gulf Arabic states it is common practice for cousins to marry. (Says a lot really!)

21st Apr 2013, 09:45
As Arnold Bax said:

“You should make a point of trying every experience once, excepting incest and folk dancing.”

Although what is wrong with Folk Dancing:


Lon More
21st Apr 2013, 09:48
Not just in Iceland

Madness - Shame & Scandal

21st Apr 2013, 09:49
Lon More - how do you embed Vids like that ?


Sorry ignore mate, i am just RTFM'ing now

Lon More
21st Apr 2013, 09:57
The Ancient English Horn Dance! - Still Folk Dancing...After All These Years, Preview - BBC Four - YouTube

Like that. Delete the "s" from "https" twice.

21st Apr 2013, 09:58
Just watched the whole Vid I posted.

"Magical and Graceful" !!!! (1:45)

"Barman - pint of what she's had please"

Lon More
21st Apr 2013, 10:04
IIRC it was the Unthank sisters presenting the programme

The Unthanks : Starless - YouTube

tony draper
21st Apr 2013, 10:05
Happens in the best of families,if it were good enough for the Hapsbergs should be good enough for anybody.

Milo Minderbinder
21st Apr 2013, 10:05
Maybe thats the real reason for the veils: to hide the squints and other disfigurements due to inbreeding.

21st Apr 2013, 10:15
To interject a serious note, the only case of incest I'm aware of ocurred when one of my colleagues coerced his two daughters into having sex with him. The fury among some of my other (non-incestuous) colleagues surprised me - I don't mean I approved of the incest, but that I was suprised at the violence expressed. Luckily the guy left before anyone could lay their hands on him. The family emigrated to Canada.

In retrospect I think it was the way in which he persuaded his young daughters which enraged everyone; had they been of an age and willing, probably that happens more than one thinks in isolated communities.

Milo Minderbinder
21st Apr 2013, 10:41
Based on surveys carried out among British agricultural workers during the 1800's, I strongly suspect that among the working class, crammed into small two or three room hovels it was quite probably the norm rather than the exception.
Its my belief that prior to the morality changes associated with Victoria's reign, father daughter incest would often have been accepted as natural by those of the lower orders. Probably not spoken about, but it happened. When you had whole families sharing beds, it would be hard to stop.

21st Apr 2013, 10:49
......jokes aside, one of the sad results of repeated intermarrige with first cousins (usually to keep LAND in the family) is a mutation known as "rat children". They are often disowned by their families and end up either begging on the streets or forced into prostitution.

The Ancient Mariner

21st Apr 2013, 10:51
And amongst the British Upper Class and European Royal Class, the limited gene pools show very strong inbred characteristics.

21st Apr 2013, 12:15
I can think of a couple of towns in southern NSW where diamond-shaped family trees are the norm.

21st Apr 2013, 13:41
In Pakistan and the Gulf Arabic states it is common practice for cousins to marry.

BBC NEWS | UK | Birth defects warning sparks row (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7237663.stm)

British Baroness Calls for "Vigorous Campaign" Against Muslim Cousin Marriages to Decrease Infant Deaths and Serious Birth Defects - Yahoo! Voices - voices.yahoo.com (http://voices.yahoo.com/british-baroness-calls-vigorous-campaign-against-5684322.html?cat=70)

It is a huge issue where 33% of all genetic defects in new borns are due to marrying a close relative.

21st Apr 2013, 14:35
There was this woman who was my cousin and also my step-aunt and also my aunt by marriage. The marriage of cousins (step sister) was a practical matter to have a "mother" in the house after the untimely death of two children's birth mother.

Went to Canada to be married.

No offspring ensued from the marriage of cousins. But it does create an "interesting" family tree.

Fine woman, whom I admired.

21st Apr 2013, 14:54

The claims infuriated the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) which called on the prime minister to "sack him".

MPAC spokesman Asghar Bukhari said Mr Woolas' comments "verged on Islamophobia".

It is a huge issue where 33% of all genetic defects in new borns are due to marrying a close relative.

I've read articles in Saudi Arabian newpapers broaching this subject of birth defects due to cousin-cousin marriages and advising against them. Someone should contact the infuriated Asghar Bukhari of MPAC and ask him if the higher-ups in Saudi Arabia who approved the same message were also engaging in something "verging on Islamophobia".

My guess is that Asghar Bukhari was fortunate enough to be born and living his life without any so it's easy for him to politicize the issue in the same old, predictable way; by being "enraged".

21st Apr 2013, 16:06

There was a BBC program in summer 2010 which looked at this from a Muslim woman who was deaf and whose family had lots of genetic defects within it which she claimed was caused by intermarrying.

It was interesting that she highlighted a Birmingham medical practice where majortity of partners were Asian who spent a lot of time and resoruces counselling families NOT to marry close offspring and highlighting genetic defects.

Initially I believe this was frowned upon by the Imans but once they understood that the GPs were actually trying to prevent hardship rather than attacking the culture and its implications they were supportive. GPs felt it was education of people on issues.

At the time I was working with an Indian guy who was Muslim and we talked about it and he said it was a cultural thing particularly from areas of Pakistan rather than India.

21st Apr 2013, 16:26
Proof that inter-breeding works in Seth Efrika

http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c92/allan907/inbred.jpg (http://s25.photobucket.com/user/allan907/media/inbred.jpg.html)

21st Apr 2013, 18:42

From your head to your toes
You're not much, goodness knows
But you're so precious to me
Cute as can be, baby of mine. :E

21st Apr 2013, 20:52
Proof that inter-breeding works in Seth Efrika

But what interbred with what?

23rd Apr 2013, 05:43
Bet the one on the right wishes he was as debonair & handsome as his brother.

23rd Apr 2013, 13:17
And what's wrong with incest? One handy thing about it is when the woman marries the man she doesn't have to change her last name to match his. :}:}:}

23rd Apr 2013, 13:20
"I know our divorce has been difficult, honey, but at least we'll still be brother and sister".

23rd Apr 2013, 13:39
..on the Fens

"Right lad, you're 18 now with no girlfriend - you'll have to marry yer sister"
"But dad, you only let me go to market once a year, and even then I have t'look after t'pigs."
"That's the way it is, son"
"But dad, is marrying yer sister legal-like?"
"Never stopp'd yer mother & me"