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tony draper
26th Apr 2002, 13:01

wooohoo, bludy hell I'm in

26th Apr 2002, 13:02

Capt PPRuNe
26th Apr 2002, 13:06
You been messin' with yer cookies Tony? Tut tut! :rolleyes:

26th Apr 2002, 13:07
Thank heavens for that.

Welcome back Drapes! :D

26th Apr 2002, 14:31
there goes the neighbourhood........:p

26th Apr 2002, 14:37
Pass :)

Biggles Flies Undone
26th Apr 2002, 14:39

26th Apr 2002, 14:41
It would appear our illustrious Swiss gender-bender has failed the test, or is this just another ruse ?:)

26th Apr 2002, 14:50
Glad you made it back Drapes!
Several ppruners had started looking at taking out a contract on me for banning your skinny b*tt. :D

As the Capt says, keep yer hand out of the cookie jar and you'll be fine! ;)

tony draper
26th Apr 2002, 15:31
Let Drapers digital purdah serve as a warning, never ever call a certain lady a clog dancing scandihooligan strumpet on chat. :rolleyes:

26th Apr 2002, 16:09
.Drapes man, you trying to get me killed? :eek: :eek:

For those with a sense of humour failure, mr Draper was not nor ever has been nor concievably ever will be, banned but suffered from self-inflicted-cookie-fiddling-computer-stomach-ache!
He was advised by me to mail the admins and got the standard reply after which he managed to sort out his access problems.

Yours in clog dancing;

The Scandihooligan Strumpet :)

26th Apr 2002, 16:11
Welcome back, draper! We've missed you!

26th Apr 2002, 17:03
[account removed]

hehehe, just kiddin flaps..... :D

Welcome back Herr Draper !

26th Apr 2002, 17:17
drapsey, we missed you in chat last night! Glad you could get all your cookies straight! :) (and the guy is an engineer, tsss :rolleyes: )

26th Apr 2002, 17:24
Ah, insanity returns, now JB can start getting back to normal:D

PS You wouldn’t consider extending an invitation to Moritz S, Mr draper sir. Just a little invite to pop over and view your cellar? Indefinitely….Pleeeeeeeeeeeeees.

Tartan Gannet
26th Apr 2002, 21:36
Wha Hey tha lads! Ill drink a bottle of Broon in celebration!

Bally Heck
27th Apr 2002, 00:01
High expectations Mr Draper. Can you live up to them? Or will you let your public down. Interested to see if you are the Eric Clapton or the Andrew Ridgley of PPRuNe poplore.

Oh and welcome back by the way:(

27th Apr 2002, 03:06
Welcome back Mr. T

Playing with your cookies???:confused:

Feeton Terrafirma
27th Apr 2002, 06:40
hmmmmmmmmm most men would prefer to have a sexy young lady (like Falps) play with their cookies............. but I guess if there wasn't one to hand (so to speak) you could DIY. :D

27th Apr 2002, 10:02
Dunno why folks thought that Drapes had been banned. If you've been in chat in the last couple weeks, you'd have seen him there. Or was it just his "spirit"... :D Anyway TD, I echo the comments of all others on this thread when I say...

Welcome back!

Just as a hint tho mate ... if ya can't leave yer cookies alone, get professional help to handle them the right way! :D

27th Apr 2002, 13:19
good to have you back in the forums, Mr D. was getting awfully quiet in here without you.

Feeton Terrafirma
28th Apr 2002, 08:36
We know that Mr Draper made it back to the safety of PPRuNeland, but alas, once more he seems to have vanished into the otherworld. One can but hope.............