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15th Apr 2013, 15:26
What is happening to their CRJ-200 fleet? There are quite a few parked up.

15th Apr 2013, 18:05
As an Iberia subsidiary, they have had a lot of difficulties, with the crisis, with competition and with their pilots' strike. They have recently made changes to their board of directors and have cut some of their routes. Their internal flights will now be feeling competition from Spain's high speed rail which is expanding as fast as the EU can fund it. I have, however, posted a translation of your query on the Spanish forum and my Spanish might just be up to giving you a reply if I get any answers!

18th Apr 2013, 11:03
I forgot to mention that Air Nostrum have closed their base at Valencia and are now operating solely from Bibao. Today it has been reported that, following the management's proposal to reduce salaries by 50%, Air Nostrum pilots' unions have agreed to strike.

18th Apr 2013, 11:09
The way things seem to be going here (and Iberia, not to mention Spain in general ) I have serious doubts whether we will be discussing them for much longer. . . . . . . . . :rolleyes: