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Cribbly Dock
26th Apr 2002, 11:38
Hi, I'm back again with more queries :rolleyes:

TLA disagree: Mmm, interesting one this. The FCOM is atrocious in its explanation of this drill. Apparently, if you leave the gear down & the A/T in, you have control of your engine. As soon as the gear is lowered (or if the Mno < .4?) the Fadec commands idle. Soooo, I'd appreciate your thoughts as to what you would do for the approach, possible go around etc.

I look forward to your replies.




26th Apr 2002, 15:43
hmm ask me one on sport.:p

26th Apr 2002, 17:20
Eng 1or2 thrust lever disagree
if failure occurs during T/O fadec maintains tOGA orFLEXthrust untill thrust reduction altitude after which the max thrust available is MCT. only on ground does the Fadec select idle.
In flight
Max power available is MCT
A/THR keep on[ A/THR if not engaged select on]
with auto thrust enaged thrust is maintained automatticaly between idle and higher TLA position.
Once established on loc affected T/L idle and shut.
[it is shut down because when T/L are retarted during flare A/THR would remain in speed mode and during flare the thrust of affected engine would increase to maintain A/THRtarget speed.
so you see it has nothing to with gear being up or down and for G/A MAX THRUST available is MCT.

Cribbly Dock
26th Apr 2002, 22:07
Aha, you see this is why I ask such searching questions (apart from the fact that I'm a lazy git). People with 3 brains give me good answers. Thanks Sandhu.

Anyone else? :)