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21st Feb 2001, 00:57
Can anyone tell me if this is true?
This issue of fight international has an avert for Go-UK, There requirements are an ICAO ATPL with a 737 rating with 500 hrs.
does anyone know of any other company?airline that require the ICAO licence.

cell city,no radar, another bumpy flight

rolling circle
21st Feb 2001, 06:28
Errrr - yeah, all companies that are worth working for demand an ICAO licence. That is a licence issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1. ICAO, of course, don't issue licences - but you knew that.....didn't you?

22nd Feb 2001, 23:07
ICAO licences cover those countries which opt not to have their own bespoke licensing system such as Hong Kong and West Indies, the writtens are a derivative of the CAA CAP 509 exams I believe but they still kick you with negative marking. ICAO don't ISSUE the license they are issued by the state in question but the License is termed an ICAO license. So I understand anyway!

As for whether they are being accepted by airlines in the UK I think it depends on whether they are on good terms with the CAA and therefore whether they are likely to give an endorsement for that license in lieu of having a CAP509 or JAR license.

22nd Feb 2001, 23:19
Read what RC says! The CAA licence is an ICAO licence, the JAA licence is an ICAO licence, and the FAA licence is an ICAO licence. They are all issued in accordance with the rules for licence issue contained in ICAO Annex 1. I can't name a State off hand that does not issue an ICAO licence.

22nd Feb 2001, 23:37
I can...D.R.C...!..US$200 gets you a Fresh ATPL but you must provide your own glue for the photo...

23rd Feb 2001, 18:05
That figures. OK for IL62

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